New Non-surgical Endoscopic Procedure for Weigh Loss Investigated at Mayo Clinic

Mar 28, 2020 | Barham Abu Dayyeh M.D. MPH | @babudayyeh

A new procedure for excess weight and associated health problems,  such as high blood pressures and type 2 diabetes, that shrinks the stomach using a device introduced through the patient's mouth without surgery. The procedure is called Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal POSE 2.0 (picture below).

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is the first center in the United States to investigate this new procedure under an FDA study protocol ( The first stage of the study is completed with excellent weight loss results and no complications. Soon we will be expanding to the next phase of the study. Interested patients can contact Mr. Erik Hyland at 507-266-0516 or



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