The Innovation Sprint is designed to encourage collaborative innovation at Mayo Clinic. IT experts, clinicians, business users and others will form interdisciplinary teams, share ideas, pitch problems, develop solutions, and advance innovation.  Participants will work on ideas related to Platform’s Advanced Care at Home initiative.

Inspired by Mayo Clinic’s “Bold. Forward.” strategic plan, the Mayo Clinic Innovation Sprint will foster an environment of collaboration between business, IT, and clinical colleagues as they spend the weekend solving problems and developing solutions. The theme of the event will emphasize Mayo Clinic Platform, specifically Advanced Care at Home. An innovation sprint is an evolution that occurs over a condensed time, typically only a few days.  Advantages of an event of this kind are access to a variety of people outside one’s own specialty, working around the constraints of normal workplace hierarchies.

This February 13-14, a completely online event will occur using the collaboration solution Remo. In addition to participants from the Mayo Clinic, there will be computer science students and business professionals in attendance, in order to catalyze creativity through the creation of multidisciplinary teams. These teams will have available to them consistent mentorship over the weekend in the form of experienced personnel from the business, technology, and healthcare sectors. There will be a space where presenters will speak to their stories concerning innovation in health care. The event will begin with problem pitches for teams to address during the weekend. It will culminate with an award ceremony, where judges will award teams prizes.


If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up by clicking the registration link at the top of this page! Note that space is limited, so don't delay!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does the schedule of the event looks like?

Please see below for more details, but generally we'll start with a keynote, some introductory information, then open the floor to those wishes to pitch an idea or pain point to work on.  The pitch is the opportunity to get the attention of other participants and ultimately put together a team to develop a solution. After teams are formed, they break out and get to work! On Sunday the teams will make final presentations to the judges and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize!

2. Who should attend the event?

The Innovation Sprint is open to anyone that has registered. The focus of the event is innovation in healthcare. Computer programmers/ software developers, clinicians, business professionals, and students will be attending. Teams often find that it's most effective to have representation from each of these categories, if possible. Don't worry! If you're on a team without any clinicians, for example, mentors will be available to help.

3. Do you need to form a team before the event?

No, you do not. Team formation will occur after participants are presented problem pitches - that is, you may be working with people that you meet at the event.  You are welcome to create a problem pitch that will attract a team; or, you could join a team that is working on a problem that you find inspiring. If you have friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. that would like to participate together, that's ok too. Please make sure each member registers for the event.

4. Where do the pitch ideas come from?

The pitches and ideation stages of the Innovation Sprint are powered by the participants. The focus and overall theme of the event is Advanced Care at Home, though pitches that are a bit broader will be permitted. Participants might have their own idea, or they might come to hear the pitches and join the team working on the problem they considering most interesting. You do not need to have an idea to pitch.

5. What do I do if my question isn't addressed here?

Email us!

Innovation Sprint Schedule:

Saturday, February 13, 2021

(All times CST)

7:30 AM - Administrative start. Registration/login help, etc.

8:00 AM - Keynote - Joel Theisen.

8:30 AM - Plan of the Day/Innovation Sprint Introduction.

9:00 AM - Talk: Platforms for Care at Home.

9:30 AM - Talk: Innovations in Digital Health.

10:00 AM - Problem pitches.

10:30 AM - Team Formation, Team registration.

11:00 AM - Time to Innovate! (Mentors now available).

12:00 PM - Lunch.

1:00 PM - Back to Work! Teams continue innovating.

6:00 PM - Remo event concludes for the evening.

*Teams encouraged to keep working on their projects*

Sunday, February 14, 2021

(All times CST)

8:00 AM - Remo event live. Mentors available.  Teams continue to innovate.

12:00 PM - Lunch.

1:00 PM - Final team presentations.

3:00 PM - Closing Remarks

4:00 PM - Winners announced!

4:15 PM - Conclusion of Mayo Clinic Health System Innovation Sprint 2021!