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Jun 18, 2020 | Katrina Sorensen, Research Coordinator | @katrinasorensen


Do you have your Mayo Clinic Patient Portal set up, yet? If not, you need to! Your Patient Portal makes it easy to request and manage appointments, securely message your care team, view test results, and more!

First, it's important to realize the difference between your Patient Portal, Patient Online Services, and the Mayo Clinic app as these terms can be confusing. The Patient Portal and the Patient Online Services are interchangeable terms referring to the ability to access your health information online.

The Mayo Clinic app is that and more! The Mayo Clinic app not only gives you access to your patient portal, but it also provides you with a daily dose of health news and practical advice. With the Mayo Clinic app, you can start and end your day with daily health insights from the experts!

  • Fitness: Practical workout advice for exercise newbies and active athletes
  • Healthy Eating: Meal plans, recipes, and tips from top dietitians and wellness chefs
  • Staying Healthy: The latest on prevention and self-care for your whole family

However, you do not need the Mayo Clinic app to access your Patient Portal. You can easily set up and access your Patient Portal online.

Here are just a few things you can do through your Patient Portal:

  • eCheck-In for an appointment and complete pre-appointment tasks
  • Send messages to and receive messages from your care team regarding questions and concerns
  • Look over test results and medical records
  • Review billing and insurance information and pay your bill
  • Use Express Care Online
  • Manage your prescriptions

See how the Mayo Clinic app puts better health in your pocket.

Meet other patients who are using their Patient Portal on Mayo Clinic Connect. Join the conversation, share experiences, ask questions, and discover your support network.

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