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Sticky · Shawn Bishop (@Shawngbishop) posted in Transplants · Fri, Jan 30 7:04am · View  

Webinar Topic: "Fatty Liver Disease" and "Liver Transplantation": For Adults and Children, [...]

This webinar will begin at Noon CT on January 20, 2015.

It will include a brief review on the frequency and diagnosis of fatty liver disease. There will also be discussion on the management of fatty liver disease in both adults and children. We plan to educate on liver transplantation as a treatment for advanced disease and cirrhosis. Speakers include: Mayo Clinic physicians: Dr. Kymberly Watt, Dr. Julie Heimbach and Dr. Samar Ibrahim, from our Gastroenterology and Transplant Teams.

Please register here to sign up and receive email reminders for event:

Then simply click the play button in the video viewer below to participate. You can also pose questions in the comments column on the right or on Twitter using #FattyLiverDisease .

Dr. Kymberly Watt
Dr. Julie Heimbach
Dr. Samar Ibrahim

Edited: 01/20/2015 @ 2:17pm

Shawn Bishop (@Shawngbishop) responded:

Sorry, not at this time.

Posted Thu, Jan 29 at 2:07pm CDT · View

Shawn Bishop (@Shawngbishop) responded:

Erin, the primary benefit of living donor liver transplant is to allow the potential recipient to move forward to transplant sooner. This allows the patient to avoid continued suffering on the waitlist and the opportunity for transplant before the patient becomes too ill to safely undergo the operation. There is a survival benefit of living donor transplant, but that does depend on the availability of deceased donor transplantation. In some areas of the United States [...]

Posted Fri, Jan 30 at 7:04am CDT · View
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Nancy ligon (@nancyligon) posted in Transplants · Tue, Jun 30 7:20pm · View  

Hello All. My name is Nancy. I was Dxed with IPF 2014. [...]

Hello All. My name is Nancy. I was Dxed with IPF 2014. I know am going to go thru the process of being placed on transplant list . I am hoping I can get advice from the get go on this .Afraid and stupid and otherwise in good health ( end stage lung disease in right lung) 61... Help. What can I expect?

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KARENMARYANNE (@karenmaryanne) posted in Transplants · Mon, Jun 15 9:16am · View  


Kelsey Mohring | Community Manager (@kelseydm) responded:

Hi Karen! Here is an article about diet and nutrition after a liver transplant: Hope this helps!

Posted Mon, Jun 15 at 9:16am CDT · View
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Shawn Bishop (@Shawngbishop) posted in Transplants · Tue, Jun 9 9:30am · View  

What Patients Need to Know About Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma and Liver Transplant

Edited: 06/18/2015 @ 10:15am

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Kelsey Mohring | Community Manager (@kelseydm) posted in Transplants · Tue, Jun 2 9:06am · View  

The rapidly evolving field of regenerative medicine—including stem cells, 3-D printing and bioengineering, among other technologies—is helping repair, and even regenerate, body parts and tissues damaged by disease, trauma or age. “Regenerative medicine is not trying to create the bionic man but to harness the healing powers of the human body and buttress them,” says Andre Terzic, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Regenerative Medicine in Rochester, Minn. That means treating chronic or degenerative ailments and replacing failing organs.

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Howard King (@hurtle12) posted in Transplants · Tue, May 5 5:38pm · View  

Hello all. My name is Howard and I have been Diagnosed with [...]

Hello all.
My name is Howard and I have been Diagnosed with NASH. I'm not a drinker and my Dr. said it probably started out as Fatty Liver disease. I've been listed for two year's for liver transplant due to cirrhosis of the Liver. When it first started out I was sick all the time and in the hospital 4 time's. In November of 2013 my MELD score went up to 23. But since then I've made lifestyle changes and my meld is down to a 14. I still fight with the chronic fatige but feel pretty good all thing's considered. Has anyone else out there experciened this also ?. I almost feel like it's the calm before the storm.

Howard King (@hurtle12) responded:

Hi Dianne Thank's for your response. I can relate to what your going thru with the pain and fatige and just not feeling well anymore. I saw were you had said you believe that milk thistle has helped you with your nash. Is this something you take everyday ? I need to research it farther. Like you said ,medical technology has come a long way but we all need to do everything that we can [...]

Posted Tue, May 5 at 5:35pm CDT · View

Howard King (@hurtle12) responded:

Thank's for your seconed reply. That made my day with your quote .Don't worry about nothing and pray about everything. I hope you don't mind if I use that again. And I agree with you 100%, Exercise is a must. Evan if it's just a little

Posted Tue, May 5 at 5:38pm CDT · View
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Cindy Elliott (@celliott) posted in Transplants · Tue, Apr 14 11:26am · View  

Interactive Webinar: What Patients and Donors Need to Know About Living-Donor Kidney Transplant at Noon CT today:

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John Franks (@franksjohn) posted in Transplants · Mon, Apr 13 6:59pm · View  

I need to more about mayo clinic? Because I need to know more about how, the mayo clinic dose there living-donor kidney transplant etc etc. because I am dealing with a clinic that seams not to care really of what I am asking, saying, or wishes that I want to know that is possible for what I want to do. I would like to say my side of thinks! Do you understand what I am trying to say? Thinks for your time. jon

Lauren Spiceland (@LaurenSpiceland) responded:

Hey John, have you registered for the living-donor kidney transplant webinar? Two of our transplant experts will give a short presentation and answer questions tomorrow at noon:

Posted Mon, Apr 13 at 11:50am CDT · View

My son (@lisaann52) responded:

The webinar is just what I need. My son is going to need a transplant in the next few years. This will be his second in 20 years. There are more resources available now and I plan on learning as much as possible .

Posted Mon, Apr 13 at 6:59pm CDT · View
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