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Sticky · Shawn Bishop (@Shawngbishop) posted in Transplants · Fri, Jan 30 7:04am · View  

Webinar Topic: "Fatty Liver Disease" and "Liver Transplantation": For Adults and Children, [...]

This webinar will begin at Noon CT on January 20, 2015.

It will include a brief review on the frequency and diagnosis of fatty liver disease. There will also be discussion on the management of fatty liver disease in both adults and children. We plan to educate on liver transplantation as a treatment for advanced disease and cirrhosis. Speakers include: Mayo Clinic physicians: Dr. Kymberly Watt, Dr. Julie Heimbach and Dr. Samar Ibrahim, from our Gastroenterology and Transplant Teams.

Please register here to sign up and receive email reminders for event:

Then simply click the play button in the video viewer below to participate. You can also pose questions in the comments column on the right or on Twitter using #FattyLiverDisease .

Dr. Kymberly Watt
Dr. Julie Heimbach
Dr. Samar Ibrahim

Edited: 01/20/2015 @ 2:17pm

Shawn Bishop (@Shawngbishop) responded:

Sorry, not at this time.

Posted Thu, Jan 29 at 2:07pm CDT · View

Shawn Bishop (@Shawngbishop) responded:

Erin, the primary benefit of living donor liver transplant is to allow the potential recipient to move forward to transplant sooner. This allows the patient to avoid continued suffering on the waitlist and the opportunity for transplant before the patient becomes too ill to safely undergo the operation. There is a survival benefit of living donor transplant, but that does depend on the availability of deceased donor transplantation. In some areas of the United States [...]

Posted Fri, Jan 30 at 7:04am CDT · View
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Howard King (@hurtle12) posted in Transplants · Fri, Jan 16 7:31pm · View  

Hello all. My name is Howard and I have been Diagnosed with [...]

Hello all.
My name is Howard and I have been Diagnosed with NASH. I'm not a drinker and my Dr. said it probably started out as Fatty Liver disease. I've been listed for two year's for liver transplant due to cirrhosis of the Liver. When it first started out I was sick all the time and in the hospital 4 time's. In November of 2013 my MELD score went up to 23. But since then I've made lifestyle changes and my meld is down to a 14. I still fight with the chronic fatige but feel pretty good all thing's considered. Has anyone else out there experciened this also ?. I almost feel like it's the calm before the storm.

Howard King (@hurtle12) responded:

Thank's Rosemary. I will definatly ck it out. Glad you recieved your transplant and hopefully your doing well

Posted Fri, Jan 16 at 6:07pm CDT · View

Rosemary A (@rosemarya) responded:

Howard, On the right column of this web page, there is an announcement about upcoming Webinar Topics. (Fatty Liver Disease). Have you thought about registering for and tuning in to this? It should be informative about Fatty Liver disease and transplant. I think there is even opportunity for you to post question for discussion.

Posted Fri, Jan 16 at 7:31pm CDT · View
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Bob Butler (@bobbutler) posted in Transplants · Mon, Jan 12 1:42pm · View  

I have been added to the transplant list for a liver at Yale new haven. I understand I can get on other list in other parts of the country. How do I go about this?

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Rick (@lastdaze04) posted in Transplants · Sat, Nov 8 2014 · View  

Hello All: My name is Rick Richards I have come to a crossing point in my life, one I knew that was going to come but not this quick. I have a question if it in the wrong forum please direct to the correct one.
I need a Kidney transplant (Kidney forum??) But my Dr said that it will not happen because I am too old and a Type 2 Diabetic. Is that true? I am 55 years old, only slightly over weight 206lbs and I am 6ft tall and very active, meaning I assist in the care of my four grandsons, and I have the biggest paycheck. The thought of going on Dialysis, scares the crap out of me an I love my job I am at, The thought of going on disability is abhorring, I would rather go end it all. Someone please tell me that my Dr is wrong. I already have 3 family members lined up to see if they are compatible matches. These are my immediate questions at the moment, I have a ton more in my mind, I look forward to your response.

Linda (@swaggerl) responded:

@Rick, Being 55 and diabetic does not disqualify you. Keep seeking information and try to go to Mayo for a 2nd opinion. I am 62 and diabetic and have had a transplant. Also been on dialysis. It is not fun, but it keeps you alive until you can get a transplant. Don't give up. Best of luck to you.

Posted Oct 25, 2014 · View

BettyJeanne (@bettyjeanne) responded:

Hi Rick, My kidney doctor also told me my kidney issues were the result of old age, and I just need to accept being unable to urinate and having wild water retention fluctuations of 10-30 lbs. I'm 5'6" and my base weight is 125 and I am only 56 years old. I refuse to accept this woman's opinion that my kidney issues are do to "old age." The idea that we are being labeled as [...]

Posted Nov 8, 2014 · View
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Linda M. (@lmarcellus) posted in Transplants · Mon, Jul 21 2014 · View  

My husband has PLD (polycystic liver disease) with an extremely enlarged liver that Mayo said he needed a transplant from a living donor. He had a successful kidney transplant 4 years ago and was in great health 5 weeks ago rapelling down into water and zip-lining on our vacation. He got infections and now his liver is much larger than it was 5 weeks ago. He went from wearing size 34 waist pants to looking like he is 6 months pregnant and in severe pain and not having room to eat. How can the liver enlarge so fast?

Margaret Shepard (@margieshepard) responded:

Hi, @Linda M.. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. Here's some information on an enlarged liver that may be helpful for you:

Posted Jul 21, 2014 · View

Linda M. (@lmarcellus) responded:

Thank you for the information. Mayo has since diagnosed him with disseminated histoplasmosis causing the enlargement and he is here getting IV medication. It is pretty serious having this fungal infection in addition to suppressed immunity, PLD, and transplanted kidney. Thanks again.

Posted Jul 21, 2014 · View
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Dawngryder (@dawngryder) posted in Transplants · Fri, Jul 11 2014 · View  

My niece is 22 and has Cystic Fibrosis. She has been evaluated for the transplant list and so far the primary hospital won't list her, as she has what sounds like the same situation the young man in your story has..abnormal tissue growing around her port that occluded then SVC, creating collateral vessels. The doctors say her survival rate is low for the transplant surgery because of this finding. They are looking to other hospitals that perform high risk transplants. In the meantime, we wait and her lung functions drop. Waiting is hard on the transplant list, I can imagine..waiting to hear you can be listed, is even harder. We as a family, are looking for some guidance, some advice, other than waiting. Someone has to have some idea that would give her hope! She deserves a chance to
breathe easy!

Margaret Shepard (@margieshepard) responded:

Hi, @Dawngryder. Thank you for your post. Here's a link to information on lifestyle and home remedies for Cystic Fibrosis, also some information on coping and support: Does anyone else have some guidance for Dawn?

Posted Jul 11, 2014 · View
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Margaret Shepard (@margieshepard) posted in Transplants · Mon, Jun 16 2014 · View  

Last winter, David Costello's double organ transplant saved his life. This year, the Costellos' hope is for the phone to ring again bringing a liver transplant to a family in need of one more gift of life.

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charba1 (@charba1) posted in Transplants · Thu, May 29 2014 · View  

knee replacement

Does anyone know what can be done when a knee freezes up after knee replacement surgery?

sophia (@sophiadelgado) responded:

How long did u wait

Posted May 29, 2014 · View

Rosemary A (@rosemarya) responded:

I waited 5 1/2 months after I was listed. Waiting times are different for everyone. Organs are very carefully matched to a recipient. So the waiting time is needed for the best organ to become available for you that "matches" you. I have met people who have waited less time than me, and I have met people who have waited more time than me. Be patient, and trust that one will be available when you [...]

Posted May 29, 2014 · View
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