Transplant 101: Preparing for Your Journey

Fri, Mar 31, 2017
11:00am to 12:00pm ET


You need an organ transplant. Now what? This webinar features Mayo Clinic transplant experts David Douglas, M.D., chair of the Transplant Center at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Phoenix, Ariz., and Beverly Hansen, M.S.W., L.M.S.W., providing their best tips for navigating the journey to transplantation. This one hour session empowers patients to feel confident in their care decisions and transplant preparedness, from choosing a transplant center to setting up for a successful recovery.

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Thank you for joining our webinar today! If you have questions for Dr. Douglas and Beverly, please comment here.

If you are finding the screen too small to read the webpages that Dr. Douglas is demonstrating, you can review the webinar full screen on YouTube.

How long do you stay in town after a kidney transplant?

Such great information. @dthoodjr Dr. Douglas and Beverly Hansen are answering you question about what is involved in the testing and evaluation. Do you have additional questions?


How long do you stay in town after a kidney transplant?

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Glad to see you’ve joined the webinar @lcamino.

The cooler on the porch is a great idea for support people to bring food for transplant families. I’ve also heard of people picking up laundry and bringing it back cleaned and folded. So helpful without being intrusive.

Can you repeat the second fundraising website?

Possible donors are in the process of getting tested for me. How do I know if they are evaluating them for a direct donation to me or a paired exchange? Do they decide or do I have to decide if I go into paired exchange?

After a transplant who adjusts the medicine – local nephrologist or transplant center?

If relocating for transplant at Mayo Clinic, do you transition care back to the home transplant center?


Can you repeat the second fundraising website?

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Here are both organizations that were mentioned.
– Help Hope Live
– National Foundation for Transplant

Keep in mind that funds raised through sites like GoFundMe are considered income and may impact your insurance coverage.

Is it possible for the Mayo Clinic to continue monitoring immunosuppressive meds for years following a transplant if you live in another state? The reason would be confidence in Mayo care vs. local care available.

If already listed another center, do you take their tests if current and okay, or does Mayo require all new evaluation tests to be done by them?

Is there an upper age limit for a kidney transplant recipient?

For a kidney transplant, at what GFR will you perform the transplant surgery? (I.e. If it has been below 20 but fluctuated back up to to 21, will you proceed with the transplant?)

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