#AsktheMayoMom about Proton Beam Therapy and Pediatric Brain Tumors

Thu, May 4, 2017
1:00pm to 2:00pm ET


This #AsktheMayoMom Q&A session, Dr. Angela Mattke, pediatrician, invites Dr. Amulya Nageswara Rao, Director of Pediatric Brain Tumor Clinic and pediatric neuro-oncologist, and Dr. Nadia Laack, pediatric radiation oncologist, to talk about using proton beam therapy to treat children with brain tumors.

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Hi @audrapopp @ed580 @steveninkc @markelia @parker80138
I thought you might be interested in joining the Q&A about proton beam therapy and and pediatric brain tumors. It is taking place tomorrow, May 4 at 10 a.m. CT. Simply click VIEW & REPLY to go to the page. The video will play once the session is live tomorrow.
Please post any questions you might have for Drs. Mattke, Rao and Laack before or during the broadcast.

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