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May 31, 2016 · CLL treatment that concentrates in shrinking the spleen without undergoing chemo in Blood Cancers & Disorders

When I started treatment for CLL, my spleen was slightly swollen, but I had a huge lymph node under my arm abour the size of a baseball.(visable through my clothing) . I also had many swollen nodes in my stomach area the md said. I started in a trial and was given Rituxin and Bendamustine which caused a dangerous drop in my blood pressure. I was taken off this and spent 5 days in the hospital to get my blood pressure regulated. Then started on Ibrutinib or Imbruvica ( it is the same drug). My spleen is no longer swollen the node under my arm has gone down. Just had a ct scan to check all, I will find out about all of it at my next md appt. But, at my last appt. , Dr. said my bloodwork was excellent. I still have a tremendous amount of fatigue, but other than that am better. I had my hemoglobin drop and was extremely weak and passing out. I had 4 iron infusions and have had no more trouble with that. By the way I have 17p deletion, which makes my condition harder to treat. It doesn’t respond to treatment as easily. I would highly recommend the Ibrutinib. It has worked well for me. I had some mouth sores, when I first started it, but after treatment they cleared up and I have had no more side effects. Good luck to you. Hope you find a great treatment that works for you.