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Sun, Jun 18 11:54pm · Itchy scalp

I have been taking letrozole for about a year, and recently have been experiencing an itchy scalp that we can find no real reason for. It may be yet another side effect. Has anyone else had this issue? [...]

Tue, Jun 6 10:09am

I needed to switch to letrozole because of the aches and pains. I dont have them any more, but still have hair thinning, insomnia, weight struggles, flaky fingernails. Ive been on it about a year. You adapt to a new normal! [...]

Mon, May 1 10:40am

I havent had any of that kind of side effects. Have them checked out, and its ok if it's nothing serious, just for your peace of mind you owe it to yourself to rule out the bad stuff. [...]

Wed, Apr 19 10:16am

I had almost the same diagnosis as yours, only left breast,in May of 2015. I switched to Letrozole because of the aches/pain side effects. I also experienced the hair loss and thinning. I no longer have the aches with the different medication, but I still had the hair issue. Now, [...]

Tue, Jan 10 4:24pm

I was 70 when I had the TKR.  Yes, I'm sure age does have an effect.  I was very fortunate. [...]

Oct 24, 2016

Yes, the side effects you mention from anastrozole were the same for me. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago. I have since switched to letrozole, with much fewer aches and pains. Unfortunately my hair is still thinning and breaking. Every body is different, but I'd see if [...]

Aug 1, 2016

Welcome Susan! First of all, we are very lucky to have drugs to take to try to address the recurrences. Second of all, they come with a price! I took anastrozole for about a year, lost some hair, gained weight, big joint and muscle pain, insomnia, and dry skin. I [...]

Jun 15, 2016

Thank you! Very helpful to see all the drugs side by side. I'm sticking with arimidex for now. My new trial is the Fosamax I've recently started because of the bone thinning SE's of arimedex. I've had severe thigh pain, my doc at Mayo checked for clots and bone issues, [...]

Jun 13, 2016

Hi Tina, it's been awhile now, how is the letrozole treating you? I'm still on anastrozole, but the muscle pain is getting me down and my thick hair is splitting and thinning. I see my onc in July and may pursue a change. I don't want to exchange one set [...]

Jun 1, 2016

I'd like more info about this, too. How are levels checked? [...]