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Jan 28, 2017 · Need Awareness/ Prevention/ Research on Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS) in Digestive Health

I was dignosed with SMAS a few years ago with ups and downs, trying to maintain with what and how I ate, to avoid surgery. Ive tried all sorts of liquid diets, concoctions, eating upside down, limiting portions…Last month my weight got so low, constant pain and vomiting. I tried drinking a glass of water with 2- 3 tablespoons of BRAGGS apple cider vinegar with “the mother” morning and night and within 2 days, the relief was unbelievable. Im not sure how it could help with the obstruction, but apple cider vinegar has amazing benefits for all digestive issues. But it has to have “the mother”. Since then i have put on 15 lbs, eat whatever and have only had discomfort when i miss taking it. Dont want to give anyone false hope, but it seems to work for me and i feel im getting my life back. Just thought i would share in case anyone could benefit. Much love, Amanda

Nov 30, 2016 · Need Awareness/ Prevention/ Research on Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS) in Digestive Health

I by no means want to seem hopeless, but I’m in Austin, and Brakenridge, the university hospital here, left me pretty hopeless by telling me how excited they were, that I was the first case they had ever seen and they were unsure what to do. They were contacting specialist from all over the world for advice and ended up just putting a suction tube down my throat into my stomach for like 4 days until I stopped vomiting and discharged me with no follow up. Not something you want to hear from the people that are treating you. I’m sure there are more and more doctors treating this disease now that it is becoming a little more known, and I truly believe it is not as rare as thought to be, but misdiagnosed and just hard to find. Each case seems to be so different and has different symptoms. I don’t have continuous lengthy bouts of SMA, I have short flare ups like 2-4 times a year that just last a couple of days. I have luckily been able to control mine with diet, what and how much I eat and have to just stop eating when I feel it coming on.
I just turned 40 this year and am so sorry to hear your young son is dealing with this and I pray he gets the help he needs so he doesn’t have a lifetime of this. The discomfort I now associate with the disease, I realize I have felt off and on my whole life. Being that I can sorta control it and I don’t have insurance, I guess I haven’t been looking for the help like I should, but will have to have surgery at some point. I know others have no control over it and their quality of life gets to the point where they have no choice. If you do find any specialists in this part of the country, please feel free to pass it on and I will do as well.
If there is anything I can do feel free to contact me! Much love and praying for you and your son, Amanda Field

Aug 6, 2016 · Need Awareness/ Prevention/ Research on Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS) in Digestive Health

Since my last post in April, I have been doing much better even though I have not been to see a medical professional.
I have completely changed my diet. I pretty much live on smoothies, yogurts, oatmeal, soups..so more or less a liquid diet. I also eat very slow as to not overload my stomach. This might not work for everyone, but it has helped me tremendously with the vomitting and could provide some kind of ease until you get to a doctor or in between visits. My heart is with you! Amanda Field

Apr 5, 2016 · Need Awareness/ Prevention/ Research on Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS) in Digestive Health

I was diagnosed about 3 yrs ago with SMAS. The team at the hospital, in Austin, Tx, had never seen a case, had only read about it and pretty much said they weren’t exactly sure what to do. They said the fatty tissue that holds up the artery to the duodeum was gone so nothing was supporting it up and the circulation was being cut off like a water hose. I had lost so much weight, they thought if they could fatten me up, that the fatty tissie that holds up the artery would come back. After days with suction tube in stomach, IV diet and the vommiting under control, they released me saying i would probably need sugery some day.
I’ve had small bouts and discomfort since then nothing big until last night. There is a certain pain right where the ribs meet that ive had off and on my whole life that i now associate with smas and it is almost unbearable right now along with the vommiting, just like 3 yrs ago.
Do these flare-ups of pain and vommiting eventually pass like last time?
Im up to my neck in hospital bill collections and my credit is screwed, but i know my health is more important. I’ve never reached out to others with this syndrome before and i’m just looking for some advice from others that can relate. Thanks, Amanda