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Jul 26, 2012 · Chronic chest & back pain in Just Want to Talk

For the past 16 years I have suffered from chest and back pains. This started with double Pneumonia and Pericarditis and shortly after a bad fall from my horse. After the Pneumonia and Pericarditis I was diagnosed with Dressler’s Syndrome and shortly after that, Bornholms’ Disease. After a while the diagnosis changed to Costochondritis and more recently I have been told I have nerve damage due to the length of time I have spent in pain. I also suffer from neuralgia. The chest pains are the worst – a constant burning and crushing pain all around my ribs with intermitent stabbing pains in my ribs around my sides. When the chest pains are bad I get pins and needles in my arm (particularly left side). I also suffer with lower back pain and pains in my hips which extend down my legs (again especially left side). The neuralgia can come on suddenly – just 1 or 2 sharp stabbing pains in the back of my head, or last for a couple of weeks with constant stabbing pains. I am so fed up after 16 years in pain and just being prescribed more and more pain killers etc. I do not feel that I have been given a real answer yet. I live in the UK and whether we go through the NHS or go private we have to go through our GP for a referral to a specialist. I have been referred to a cardiologist and a rheumatologist neither of whom have identified the problem. I have tried a range of alternative therapies none of which have helped. I suffer from a lot of muscle spasms in my back, shoulders and collar bone and find regular sports massage helps with this. I would be grateful for any ideas as to what I do next. My doctors seem to have given up – they say that whatever the reason for my pain the outcome is the same and that is a lifetime on painkillers. I don’t want to accept this.