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May 25, 2012 · anyone out there understand menieres disease? vestibular disorder in Brain & Nervous System

I do not have meniere’s , but my older sister does. And forgive for thinking this but I believe she uses the meniere’s as an excuse not to do anything. She has a history of exaggerating and going to the doctor excessively, even before the diagnosis of menieres diagnosis. Believe me when I tell you I have talked to several health care professionals, specialist, as well as researched this disease to better understand and no where can I find where it is completely debilitating. She watches television or reads or plays games on the computer every day, but she isn’t able to wash dishes or sweep the floor. She will get up and say the it must be going to storm, my head feels full and I’m nauseous. Then someone will see her at a restaurant or Walmart a few hours later while I’m at work. Or she will say I can’t come in the living room because the ceiling fan is on, or I can’t go outside because there is a breeze, and it’s an every day thing. It’s driving me crazy to work every day, go home wash dishes, sweep the floor, etc etc because her ears feel full or she thinks it’s going to storm so she can’t do anything. Everything I have read or inquired about, the symptoms usually come in “waves” and is not every day. And she also drinks lots of caffeine, eats alot of salt and refuses to cut down. I’m at my wits end!!!!! Oh and if someone comes over, she has to tell them and everyone she comes in contact with about her illness. How do I handle this? I do not want to sound cold, but I don’t want to be taken advantage of either. Can you give me some advise? Oh and I won’t even mention the earmuffs and walker and other walker, etc she said she needed but sold in a yard sale. Thanks for helping me to understand.