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Apr 27, 2018 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

Hello all, I still do not have internet so I am at my sons now. Anyway I have been working a lot and taking care of my granddaughter., although I still have not had my vocal cord return to normal. It will be 1 year on May 12th and ENT Surgeons say it likely will not. I also just found out that the insurance I have had this past year I wont have after May 31st bc I made about 100 bucks more than I should have? I am more than stressed about this and not sure what I can do now. I am supposed to start @ Purdue this fall to continue on to earn my Bachelors. I may not be able to if I have to find a job with benefits. So my granddaughter is in remission thank god. My daughter in law joined the Army and graduates in May, so I will have to try and get my money back for the ticket in case I need the money now for scripts. It seems something always happens. Im praying for a better life! Just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still here.patty

Dec 26, 2017 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

I am @ my sons house using his internet:) Also taking care of baby and big brother.Anyway, I had appts with a few Drs for followups and I am tired of seeing Drs! My pulmonologist told me that yes the nodules are a tiny bit larger(not much in his opinion) however that the rest of the CT Scan is now clear so he thinks I should just wait a few months and not take any fungus medicine and in July we can do another CT Scan and go from there?He also had me do a lung function test and although he said it was ok,but I was in the low side of 83% so maybe I should keep taking off the weight and retake test.Ive lost almost 30 pounds this year but its slow. I did tell him I am so tired of all these Drs and he didn’t blame me at all.My Internist agrees but he does tend to go with the flow.I did not make the Ent Surgeon in Indy to have another vocal cord implant partly bc we got snow that day and I didn’t want to be caught up in it on way back home and also bc I have had my pulmonoligist tell me the vocal cord has nothing to do with me feeling tired so just wait? I went to my Cardiologist(he did my original treadmill stress test so I like him and he now takes care of my blood pressure meds) Anyway he wants to do another treadmill test to see if any change(hes not pushing it,only suggests.He also thinks I should have a cpap machine at least try it and see if it helps.I had a home sleep study earlier this year and was told I needed one but I refused it!I start back to school this semester coming up and looking for a job too.I need to make a steady income and not just uber money! Sometimes I think I should forget about anymore college and just find a descent job! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a Blessed 2018!

Dec 14, 2017 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

Hello, I am happy that my mammogram came back fine thank goodness. My Granddaughter numbers are up for now and Im so happy because that is just awful to see her go through. The fungus meds weren’t an issue with the insurance company, it was the Infectious Disease Dr. that didn’t have any refills on it and she is now in India for 3 or 4 months? I have to be monitored with blood work which she has only done 1 time and I am so mad at her about this because I have to make sure it doesn’t affect my liver and kidneys.I finally got a return call from her office person and she said she can have the meds refilled and after I told her I need to have blood work on a regular basis to monitor she said I can have an appt in Feb! Then later she said that a Dr is seeing her patients if I want to see him.Well I think I need a Dr that is better with her patients? So this time I will look outside this Franciscan network! As far as my vocal cord injections, I dont know what to do bc I had my first one on Oct 4th and its worn off already.Insurance will pay for the implant ,its me who doesn’t want it bc I still hope my voice will come back on its own but I am concerned. Anyway thanks for always responding.Merry Christmas

Nov 28, 2017 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

Ive been working alot and taking care of my Grandaughter who just turned 1 on the 21st.We just went through a cancer scare with her and not ot of woods yet it seems.They cant figure out why her platlets go from one extreme to the other but Labs and Dr said No Leukimia.I am going for a second vocal cord injection on the 4th of December.I sure hope I am doing the right thing.The ENT in Indy wants me to get the implant but he also mentioned my deductable which just turned me off from wanting an implant! My 3D yearly mammogram came back abnormal and I am havinng an ultrasound and another mammogram for that side on Thursday.So I am worried again!Always something! My histoplasmosis is still there and my refill wasnt authorized so I dont know what to do now.Other than that I am fine and we all went through stomach flu already and thats when baby started having problems with platlets.

Oct 16, 2017 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

Hello John, I just looked at this link again since my second opinion agrees that I have this Histoplasmosis and I still cant understand how I got it?Anyway it looks like its curable so I am going to listen to Dr and take this fungus med for several months.Thanks for the info and pray your doing well.

Oct 16, 2017 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

yes, of course! Thoracic surgeon looked at ct today and didn’t know what to think?He said I will order a ct for March and we can see what is going on then.He also told me he was going back to Chicago to practice and that I could still keep in touch with him,he will still review my tests and talk to Dr that is replacing him which is his long time friend and associate. He even gave me his cell phone number. His nurse said that I was the first patient he told about his leaving and never gives out his private number so that should show he really cares about your health and likes you as a person.He advised me to take the itraconazole for histoplasmosis and that may make a difference in my next Ct. He said they were really small and showed me.I wish I knew someone that had Histo so I could get some better understanding other than it usually only occurs in Ohio valley area?Really because we have birds,bats and mold here too?

Oct 15, 2017 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

Hello, I had vocal cord injections on October 4th and it was done under anesthesia and i was sooo sick from that! I go back to Indianapolis on the 24th for a post appt.Dr said that when these injections wear off I will need an implant?I pray it just comes back soon.I also had a Ct w/o dye and the Infectious disease Dr hasn’t called me about it.I have an appt end of month with her too.When I did see her she wanted me to go back on fungus meds bc she agreed with previous Dr that I had Histoplasmosis and needed to be on them for about 8 months. She ordered the ct and in between I went to see the pulmonologist that did the first scope.I told him I wanted to wait to see what ct said before starting those meds again and he agreed.Now I looked at my online chart and Ct says that the 2 nodules have gone from 4 & 5 mm respectively to 7mm?I’m starting to panics too.This is since last December too. I thought they told me NO Cancer and now they’ve grown? The lung biopsy with lymph node taken out in 3 sections means what now? I went and got a copy of ct and had an appt with the thoracic surgeon for a few months now and that’s tomorrow,so I wonder what he will say.He is still upset about my voice not coming back. Any ideas? Thank god your responses go to my email bc I never know if I can use hotspot to connect on my laptop.I need to go back to work and finish my 2nd degree so prayers please.

Oct 3, 2017 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

Hello Everyone!! I am sorry but I haven’t had the internet in some time and for some reason its been an issue on my phone.Ahh, I dont know how I did it but I finally got the hot spot on my iPhone to connect to my laptop:) It has been very stressful but I am here! I went to the new ID Dr and she too wanted to put me back on the med for Histoplasmosis but I talked to my Pulmonologist and we decided to wait and see what my new CT will show on Friday.Iam not really sure what he is looking for but if he thinks I am better off to take the meds for the 6 or 8 months then I will.They are so harsh and I have to be carefully monitored. As far as my voice its not back and I get so irritated bc its not there! I called the IU Medical School in Indianapolis and was able to get an awesome ENT Specialist whom Ive already seen and he doesn’t think my voice will come back.I was supposed to have a vocal cord injection tomorrow at Methodist in Indy but have to cancel bc its outpatient and everyone works so I have no driver! It can be done in his office and I said no put me under but now I will have to do it that way.I am afraid to go under again after losing my voice already but idk. I called his office and he was already gone for the day(forgot they’re an hour ahead of me) and left msg, then called the hospital and operator actually paged Dr on call and told him everything and he called me and I repeated all and he was going to call ENT and see what can be done!Whew that’s a lot of typing! So I don’t take anything now but BP meds and may be going back on itraconazole? I think that’s it and I get tired but ENT said its bc of my vocal cord making it so I don’t get enough air in?