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15 hours ago · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

The xray…

15 hours ago · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

Thanks. I didn't even think about that until you mentioned it.

17 hours ago · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

@jamesinsonoma They turn the devices on this coming Monday and then the fun starts. I'll let you know how it goes. The devices are from Nalu Medical and you can see the device on their website. The attached file show the wires installed.

4 days ago · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

@jesfactsmon They installed the device on June 29th. I have to wait two weeks for the places on legs to heal before sticking the device pod on my calves. The device pods stick to my legs like tape and only last for a few days. That way you can clean the spot underneath the device pods. So, I have another week before they turn the devices on.

The forgot to tell me that after the surgery my legs would hurt a lot for the next three days. I had to use my chronic pain medication since they didn't prescribe me any acute pain medicine.

Strange thing happened. They woke me up during the surgery to ask me questions about my left leg. Then they said "put him back out" and back to sleep I went. Never had that happen before.

Hopefully, late next week I can provide a more useful update.

Wed, Jun 17 8:11pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@jesfactsmon I posted an update in the Peripheral nerve Stimulators discussion. I don't know how to include a link to it…overall it was good.

Mon, Jun 15 6:46am · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

@sparshall Sandy, I read your post on March 1st about the issue you had with the Nalu stimulator. What was the final outcome? Did you have the Nalu stimulator removed?

Sun, Jun 14 7:23pm · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

I completed my Nalu peripheral nerve stimulator trial and, in short, it was successful. Immediately after they installed the wires, I was able to walk around the house for over 30 minutes. Over the next three days I could walk an hour and only have mild pain in my feet. A lot better than two minutes. On the fourth day I started having small electrical shocks in my right heel. I could only walk for 5 minutes. My left foot was fine, but my right foot would start hurting. The Nalu rep said the wires in my right leg must have moved slightly. On the seventh day the doctor removed the wires. The next day and since then I have missed the stimulators. So, my surgery is scheduled later in May to install the stimulator permanently.

The stimulators allowed me to stand and walk, but I still had the burning sensation in my feet. I had to continue taking the pain medication for the burning, but I can walk again. Potentially, a huge improvement in my quality of life.

Sat, Jun 6 8:44am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@jesfactsmon I had to change pain management doctors and my former pain management doctor recommended my current one. With my former pain management doctor we applied with insurance for a spinal cord stimulator cause he had success with it. When I switched doctors the new one said he applied the stimulator at the lower leg instead of in the back. He had more success placing the device in the leg. So, I just went with his suggestion.

My former pain management doctor had tried a nerve block in my back instead of in my lower leg. That didn't seem to help. I figured if the nerve block in my lower leg worked but the one in my back did not, why not go with the stimulator in my lower leg where the nerve block worked.

I don't know of anyone else who has tried it. I'm going to ask the Nalu representative that calls me everyday to check up on my progress to see how common this procedure is.