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Thu, Jan 23 6:21am · Severe cold pain in legs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I know the pain of which you speak! I still get it from time to time, but, not nearly as bad as before. What has changed? Three things. 1. Medications: I now take Lyrica. 2. Diagnosis: (not as the cause of the pain, but, I think it is!) of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. 3. I retired. This means I am no longer sitting still 8 hrs a day at a desk in a freezing office.

Have you been tested for autoimmune diseases? (RA, lupus, etc)? Don't let a dr just do the RF test and tell you it is negative. They should do a test called an ANA panel, which tests for about 7 different things. If there is a positive result, they should do more testing to narrow it down. No doctor has ever been able to tell me why I find the cold so painful. I do know that the lyrica seems to make the difference.

sorry you are going through this!

Thu, Jan 16 4:48am · Prognosis in treating carpal tunnel left untreated for 50 years in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Update: The Hand Surgeon was reluctant to recommend surgery. However, he did an injection, and, it IS helping. That means surgery would too. He said surgery could get me back to the degree of functionality I had after the fracture. I now realize it has slowly gotten worse over time. So, I am considering it. For now, I am concentrating on hand exercises to take advantage of the benefits of the injection. Thanks all for the feedback!

Sun, Jan 12 10:16am · Trust your gut instinct Pillow advice for sleep after shoulder surgery in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi! I don't recall how I slept when I had my shoulder surgery. I do recall my broken ribs 15 years before that! If you can sleep on the side of your good arm, with your bad arm secured across your chest, it could work, assuming the arm is not too heavy to be in that position. You might need a few assorted pillows for support, and just see what works. You would also want to get out of bed on the side of the good arm. I have found that finding "comfort" is rather elusive the first few days, and just not being uncomfortable is about as good as it gets. Unless you have problems with opiods, use the pain meds, at least before going to bed. Glad you found a better doctor – best of luck in the procedure!

Sat, Jan 11 11:41pm · Prognosis in treating carpal tunnel left untreated for 50 years in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi Colleen! Yes, the diagnosis is recent. But, it's not pain. I never had the pain. Just numbness. I also have CTS in the other hand, so I know what the pain is like!

When the traction pinched the median nerve, everyone "assumed" that was the cause of the problems! I just accessed my medical records from back then, and noticed that I complained of loss of sensation prior to any traction activity ever taking place! And, I found a really great article by Dr Friedhelm Sandbrink of Georgetown University, saying that arm fractures can cause acute carpal tunnel, which should be immediately operated on! They said this is "usually" from wrist fractures. Not sure if this was known "back in the day."

So, five years ago, I had a different doctor, and did not have good rapport. I was complaining of upper extremity weakness. They tried talking to me about carpal tunnel, but I was like, "no, my hand has always been that way – it's from the elbow – this HAS to be something different!" Stubborn me.

Two weird things that have happened in the past few years. First, shortly after having rotator cuff surgery on the affected arm, I was slicing strawberries, when my thumb simply fell out of the socket! I put it back in (painless), and the doctors were at a loss to explain it. More recently, after using the weedeater, the nerves/muscles around the affected elbow started twitching for about a minute, fingers started twitching, and I regained a little bit of use of that hand. Just a little.

Anyway, I just finished 8 weeks of therapy to address neck/shoulder issues, then got the EMG, so it should be the best possible results. Oh, and they also said there is axon damage. Forgot to mention that.

Thanks for the help, and I will check out the other postings!

(why am I suddenly looking into all this? Because I am trying to get my body in the best possible shape as I prepare to enter my older years, and, being that I am no longer working, have the time to actually commit to such a goal)

Sat, Jan 11 5:00pm · Prognosis in treating carpal tunnel left untreated for 50 years in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I just learned that the numbness in my non-dominant hand, which has always been attributed to complications of an elbow fracture 50 years ago, is in fact due to Carpal Tunnel. My thumb muscle is atrophied, and the index and middle fingers never grew to full size (I was 8 at the time of the fracture). I have read that the longer one waits, the less likely that surgery will be successful. Any ideas on probability of success? Would you do it or not? Already had EMG/NCV, and have referral to hand surgeon, for consult. Test results are worse that those of 5 years ago. I have functioned successfully this long in this condition. . . . but, part of me feels cheated.

Back story: severe break of elbow. Immediately complained of numbness in hand. Was put in traction for a few weeks. The pin pinched the median nerve between the bone. Five months later, had surgery to retrieve nerve from bone. Six months later, still no feeling. Within the next six months, changed doctor, and he said I was good to go. No physical therapy. No nerve testing back then, other than the tinel (?) test.

Has anyone had surgery after real long term carpal tunnel? Did it work? What is the worst that could happen?