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Sat, Apr 25 5:05am · Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice? in Transplants

I am 2 years, 4 months post liver transplant. I, too, do not sleep during the night, with frequent (3-4) trips to urinate. The water consumption has not made a difference, I did not know that the tacrolimus and nocturia might be connected. It has just become a part of “transplant life”. I take 2 mg am and pm, along with celcept. Come to think of it, the waking up/not resting well has gotten worse since they have upped my tac dosage. It is a constant juggling act, moving puzzle pieces. I fully trust my Mayo, Jacksonville, team and thank the Lord and my donor daily for this “GIFT OF LIFE”!

Wed, Feb 12 8:46pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants


Wed, Jan 29 12:54pm · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

Fortunate for me, other than a few episodes of very loose bowel movements I learned things not so agreeable, slowly readied into diet and now am pretty restrictive free. Good luck.

Fri, Jan 17 9:32pm · Living Donor Kidney surgery next Tuesday: Any advice? in Transplants

Wow! I am a liver recipient. We have a few kidney transplant patients in our group. Two are living kidney recipients, one was like your exchange donation. So very interesting. Are you going to be at Mayo? Our group meets at Cannady building, first floor at 11 am, Tuesdays. Join us, if you wish. Thank you for your very generous gift! Toosie

Sun, Jan 12 7:15pm · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

I would enjoy hearing others stories or encouraging others who are waiting or recuperating.

Sun, Jan 12 5:33am · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

I had this surgery in 09/12. Yes, there were some issues, it just becomes your “new normal”. The doctors-discovered some pancreas issues before the colon resection. That was satisfied, then watched as it reared again in a few years. In 11/17 I had a liver transplant, then in 07/18, I had to have pancreas surgery. You are better off maintaining a positive attitude, accepting your “new life”, being thankful for EVERY day and looking around – there are people everywhere in much worse situations. I am so grateful for my organ donor and Mayo Clinic for the transplant and pancreas surgery. It is full of skilled physicians, nurses and techs and EVERYONE there is a truly caring angel! Smile and enjoy life!