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Feb 15, 2019 · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

I too am wanting to know if anyone has successfully removed Prilosec/Omeprazole from their medication list. I have been on it for over 8 years (started at 40 mg now at 20mg). I was put on the Prilosec for multiple stomach ulcers and have not had another one in several years yet doctor still has me on the medication. I was recently diagnosed with a rare form of IBS called Lymphocytic Colitis which has been shown to be connected to long term use of PPI's. I currently take 20 mg of the prilosec and want to remove it from my regiment. I am finding my doctor is big on prescriptions over "lifestyle changes" and want to move in a more "prescription free" lifestyle. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.