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Mon, Mar 11 9:20am · Only read if open to alternative therapy for MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@kristiemlove, Hi Kristi! Thank you so much for sharing your Moms incredible story!! I recently started using colloidal silver..a bit nervously..but I have been able to get rid of pain I've had in my left lung for the past 3 months.
A CT scan a few weeks ago showed disease progression, and all my Docs were giving me at the time was Clarithromycin which was not touching it.
I'm actually scheduled to see a new Doc at Emory in Atlanta in a few weeks. I dont know if I should tell him what I've been doing. Are your Mother's Docs aware of what she has been doing??

Thu, Feb 14 4:11pm · Any good results from taking Amikacin?? and what were side effects? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Wow Terri! I just saw this post..missed it!!! I'm so sorry to hear your struggle! I also have a few things in common with you! My husband and I are in the middle of getting our house ready to sell..and build a smaller retirement home. Part of constant stress to me is all the things I need or wanted to do in this house have gone by the wayside because I'm sick all the time. My husband still works full time and is not really good at keeping up with things. He can fix all sorts of things..but not house stuff..that was always my job. I would paint, lay tile ,do the flowers and shrubs outside. I'm just going to be so happy to get out of here! We have a travel trailer that wrre going to put on our land and live there while we renovate and sell. Then we can build.
I've always been an artist, and that's been put back too. Jewelry is another love, but I plan on trying to do it. At least I can sit!! Only problem is when the brain is exhausted!
Were hoping to have a garden also but we have to keep it simple. Have you tried Amikacin???

Wed, Feb 13 1:42pm · Any good results from taking Amikacin?? and what were side effects? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@heathert Hi! I know my mom was very depressed. We tried to get her to come to Alabama and move in with me or my sister. We knew we could get her much better. Even though she hated her husband, she refused to leave. She just really wanted to die and I don't think her Doc had given her an antidepressant. He was horrible!!

Wed, Feb 13 12:22pm · Any good results from taking Amikacin?? and what were side effects? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@windwalker one more thing about my Mom..before she remarried, she had a Pulmonologist!!! who diagnosed her with copd and fibrotic lung disease. She had also had part of a lobe removed because she had been coughing so hard she ruptured and was hemmoraging. She had to be transfused.

Wed, Feb 13 12:16pm · Any good results from taking Amikacin?? and what were side effects? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@windwalker Hi Terri! I really don't think my mom and aunt lived out their normal life span. They were otherwise very healthy. No other issues. We all had a similar problem that we dont usually run a temp. If we should..its very low grade. Which means Docs dont think you are sick! My mom would actually get pneumonia all the time. No temp. A year or so before she died, she was in the hospital actually dying. Her Minister came in and prayed over her..she had lost continence and her awful Doc that I hated had resigned that she was dying. I was crazy!!! I tried to get that Doc to listen to me that she needed an antibiotic.
No way. I had to make a lot of noise and demanded a Pulmonologist to examine her. I told him that we dont run temps..she gets pneumonia with no temp. I got nasty looks..but they grudgingly took her for an xray. Short time later they come in..Doc looks at me and said she had pneumonia..puts her on IV antibiotics. By the end of the day she was back talking and laughing.
This is definitely an immune problem!! My Mom lived in Central Florida, I'm in Alabama so I wasn't close enough to fight people every day. Also, she had married a horrible man after my Dad died from lung cancer. He controlled everything and was sick of her..she couldnt cook anymore and was always sick. He insisted she see this bad Doc. She lived with constant stress with him, and developed anxiety. The doc put her on adavan or something that wacked her out. She lost her appetite and just wanted to sleep. That was the end. No food..heavy drugs. I questioned her husband what drugs she was taking and got hell for it. Next I knew she was going into hospice. We rushed there and 3 days later she was gone. I've never been able to shake the feeling that she was "put down" . There's even more awful stuff that I dont have time to go into, but that was how she died. She should have lived a lot longer..