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Mon, Mar 18 7:05pm · Loosing muscle mass at 86 after hernia surgery and diverticulitis in Digestive Health

After back to back hernia surgery and diverticulitid and loosing 30 lbs, I found my muscle mass was less and hurting badly. How to regain muscle mass and strength? My age is 86 and my mind is sharp, but I find the body seems to be failing. Is all lost? Can I regain my strength?

Fri, Mar 15 9:22am · E.Rs Even Dr.s do not comunicate directly with each other. in Just Want to Talk

Been in E.R. 5 times this year. Each time I was stabilized with morphine and phentenal. Then released and told to find a doctor. One was a herniated bowel that was push back in and told to see a sergeon. The sergeon was going on vacation for 4 weeks. Called back to E.R. for advise and was told that I couldn't talk to a doctor in E.R. Six days later the hernia went full blown across my lower bowel and into my scrotum. Back to E.R. for emergency surgery later. While wairing I was asked by a technician, if i didn't want to go home and schedule surgery for later as they may have something more important like a gunshot wound.!!??

Thu, Mar 14 1:22pm · The system NOW?? in Just Want to Talk

Am 86, wife 87, I have many health issues. Dr. has commented on haveing children closer. Not possible for continous care. They are ready to retire and have their own life. Hope his are there for him. Not all children are caregivers. Have their own lifes.. And why do I have to find Dr.s for issues and then they have to get referel from my Dr. Also E.R.s stabilize and dump you to see a dr. Have to find my own??? Don't understand the system now. Wasn't like this when raising our young'ns…. Old and confused….

Wed, Mar 13 10:20am · How to talk to my doctor & share research/knowledge I have found? in Just Want to Talk

Why don't Dr.s do blood testing for vitamin and drug interactions?? Mine doesn't even do referals. If I find a specialist, they have to get a referal from my provider DR. !?!?!

Wed, Feb 20 4:21pm · PICS.. Six E.R.s in one year. in Intensive Care (ICU)

Remember, one night, Black cloud of Pain…. Ended up in ICU. Apparent OD. No memory of this. Ended up in a Health care unit in another city. Two weeks of rest. Sent home with my meds changed…Resting now and trying to not sweat the small stuff. Saw my cardioligist, Med. provider, appointment with pain specialist in 3 weeks, and maybe a psycholigist… "No great concerns there"…Kids great with care of wife. She's 87…. Resting now…Back to square one… Trying to cope..At my age 86 and with the system the way it is…I feel alone and waiting…I keep hearing that "Every thing will be fine" as I keep being told…Follow up nurse is scheuled. THANKS…One day at a time…

Sun, Jan 27 3:41pm · Colon Resection for Diverticulitis and Chronic Constipation in Digestive Health

After being treated for diverticulitis with heavy laxitives should you be on a diet to regain your body and muscle strength? My muscles have been extremely painful 6-8

Mon, Jan 21 2:55pm · PICS.. Six E.R.s in one year. in Intensive Care (ICU)

Mind races uncontrollable 24 hrs. Very negative scary thoughts, if you know what I mean..E.R.s treats you for comfort and puts you on the street. "Go see your provider"…? Dr. gave me a lite tranquilizer, mentioned my age, 86, shrugged and released me. Useles s! No diet recommended. Just go back to usual one. At ropes end…Tying a knot and hanging on! One night at a time.. Dr.s are controlled buy Government. rulings. If I go back to E.R…go see your Medical Provider?? Who ever that may be. Mine does not recommend anyone! None do…I have to decide who to go to and I'm not that educated in that direction.. My nights are terrible….NIGHTMARES!!

Sat, Jan 19 12:59pm · PICS.. Six E.R.s in one year. in Intensive Care (ICU)

I am 86 years, a DAV. In local E.R.s six time in 2018 —4/2/2018 Left medium Inguinal Hernia, Dr. pushed it in. Discharged.. See surgeon, who is on vacation. No suggestions!.—4/10/2018 Same issue. Inguinal Hernia- 8-9 Worsens, into lower bowel & scrotum. E.R. for Surgery, Successful.. No follow ups .— E.R. 6/11/2018, 1:30 am Bursa left hip and thigh muscles spasm, pain 8-9 Morphine and xrays. No hip joint issues. See provider?? Bursa and leg muscles hurt when I lay on them at nite. 5-7
—E.R.10/26/2018– Diverticulitis. See Med. provider. E.R. Given Magnesium Silicate. Heavy BM. — 11/16/2018 E.R. Sigmoid Diverticulitis. Severe pain 6-8. Heavy Laxatives, Morphine & Fentinol, for 3 days. Released 11/18/2018. See med. provider.? LOST 30 lbs. in 5 months. Muscle loss and pain in arms and legs. Little sleep. Pain in old surgeries now. Both shoulders,hands, knees and back. Can't sleep in any position except back for a short time, back hurt. 4-6.. The heavier I sleep the greater the pain if I change position in my sleep!
Waking every few moments!! Anxiety, racing mind, depression, and some suicidal thoughts. Had small stroke 5 yrs ago. Wife had small stroke 12/20/2017. Lots of Stress!
Have no idea who to see for what. —My med. provider scripts antidepressants. No direction. Says I'm 86 and no suggestions.!
—Digestive specialist say no treatment for diverticulitis only diet. No Followups from any providers! —V.A. Dr. suggests body and muscles reacting to weight loss 30 lbs in 5 months and nutritional loss. No suggestions!! I've been on the internet for some months, LOOKING! "Read article from May Clinic on PICS". Makes more sense than anything. NEED GUIDANCE BADLY! Are there Medical providers for Post-Intensive Care Syndromes. Near me? Dayton, Ohio. My meds. now are Tramadol 10 mg 1/8/hrs, Robaxin 750 mg, 2/24 hrs. Tylenol 650 mg 2/8 hrs, losaritan 10 mg /day. Vitamins, Magnesium, fish oil, B complex, multivitamins. They help some during waking hours. No follow ups any where. Hospitals seem that I'm looking for Opioids I think!. Just relief and sleep. Robert