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Dec 24, 2018 · Cauda Equina Syndrome: Difficulty with going to the bathroom in Spine Health

It is a horrible way to live. I have Cauda Equina Syndrome and Epilepsy from severe child abuse. Both almost killed me but here I am. I have been ill with terrible uti's and full blown kidney infections since I was five. I had a tumor inside my spinal cord from having my spine compressed so much as a very small child. I have brain damage in my Left Temporal Lobe and a bunch of other stuff. My parents, back in the 60's had no ideas that MRI's were going to be invented. The neurosurgeons say I have every single symptom on the CES scale. I'm allergic to all the opiodes which is fine. I take Napercyn 500 twice a day, use my TENS Unit, do physical therapy…Lumbar Stabilization exercises, every day, walk briskly for 60 minutes a day although it sometimes causes blood in my…
Yikes! Too much information. I am still mobile because I make myself be mobile. Fluorescent lights and ceiling fans trigger my seizures, so working anyplace with fluorescent lights is not possible. But I am 59 and alive. God has a plan for my life.