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Feb 9, 2019 · Chronic Osteomyelitis of 2nd toe in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@lioness – while I am technically diabetic, my last 2 – A1c's have been 5.3 & 5.4, essentially normal, and I expect to discontinue metformin once my toe is cleared. The microvascular issues, including peripheral neuropathy, are probably neurogenic from spinal stenosis and arthritis in my lumbar spine. I also have higher pathology up my spine that doesnt appear to be causing any issues.

I have multiple problems with my blood vessels so I see a podiatrist regularly. This just got away from me quickly.

Thanks for chatting with me about it. It helps me sort this out.


Feb 9, 2019 · Chronic Osteomyelitis of 2nd toe in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@lioness – I hadn't because I'm in so much pain I wanted to get it over with & go back to my pool exercise. Having 2nd thoughts now. I don't want to ask the podiatrist for a referral so I guess I might ask the primary on Monday. I hate to delay healing from this but im worried about recurrence, especially since the other toe hurts too.

Feb 9, 2019 · Chronic Osteomyelitis of 2nd toe in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had a toe turn bright red in late August. I found myself in the hospital the 1st week of September with cellulitis of that toe and the lower part of my shin and calf. A slip on the floor caused the skin to break on the toe and within hours I had an ulcer that was draining pus. It was x-rays as a precaution and they released me to my podiatrist a couple days later.

After 6 weeks of antibiotics the ulcer healed, the toe remained red and achey (I have severe neuropathy so it's normally numb) and my doctor took me off the antibiotics.

In December the 3rd toe developed an ulcer and infection. They did x-rays and put me on antibiotics. The x-rays showed fractures on the distal 2nd toe. Seeing my podiatrist a few days later he said "I guess the infection was worse than I thought." I am a diabetic, well controlled, with microvascular PAD. This broken bone didn't surprise me cause it hurt! I took the antibiotics for the 3rd toe for 10 days and he said to stop.

In mid January my toe pain became excruciating the week after I was released from treatment for the 3rd toe, while at my pool exercise class. The pain has been really bad since. I had the toe x-rays redone and the 2nd toe fractures had not begun to heal at all. A couple days later the podiatrist dxed chronic osteomyelitis.

The Dr said I had 2 options. Leave it alone and live with the pain or amputation of the distal toe segment. No other tests, treatment options or antibiotics for any remaining infection. Surgery is scheduled for Feb 19th but I'm a little worried. The pain is gruesome and I want it to stop but is this the right choice?

Has anyone had a similar infection? Any info on why he didn't put me on antibiotics again right away? This just doesn't sound like treatments I've looked at online. I know it's just a small bone but I like my toes!

Jan 12, 2019 · Excessive Saliva for 2 yrs – Not from GERD – Help! in Digestive Health

There are lots of things that can cause excessive salvation. I had a problem with it and other symptoms that added up to a diagnosis of Parkinson's. I also have excessive saliva when my nutcracker esophagus flares up and food won't go through my esophagus to my stomach. Food and liquids back up and I sometimes drool. NE is when your esophagus has the correct motions to move food down but the pressure is too high. Esophageal spasm is when the movement is uncoordinated but the pressure is very high.

In any case I would also talk to your general md. GI's think about digestive stuff. Go's look at the whole picture.

Just my opinion

Jan 2, 2019 · Hernia between bladder and vaginal wall (not a cystocele) in Women's Health


Are we sharing the same body? Jk. My situation is complicated as well. I expect my primary care provider to keep a bird's eye view of my overall care. That means knowing and referring me to all specialists and keeping track of what I'm being treated for. In the case of my Parkinson's dx, she had to know my Neuro, gi and pt symptoms to know the overall symptoms together were related to Parkinson's and refer me to a Neuro who had a specialty in Movement Disorders. I didn't discuss my gi symptoms with the Neuro, or what was going on with physical therapy. See?

Keeping good communication with her is a part of keeping me functioning as much as possible. I'm in a wheelchair and knowing everything made it possible for her to get me a better electric chair that meets all my needs, helps with my circulation issues and helps manage my chronic pain. It takes a little more work on both our parts but finding her has made a huge difference in my overall health. I had to kiss a few frogs myself to find the right provider.

Hope you're having a good day!

Konnie Hoover

Jan 2, 2019 · Hernia between bladder and vaginal wall (not a cystocele) in Women's Health


I was sorry to hear not only that you were struggling with a rectocele but that you felt uncomfortable talking to your PCP about it. I find that my female provider (a nurse practitioner) makes me more comfortable than I was with male Drs.

Thanks for your response by the way. I have a rectocele as well. The problems I experience are bulging into the vagina, difficulty emptying my bowel and interference with intercourse. I have stool the gets left behind in mine like you. When I'm finally able to have softer stools, I have a little leakage as well. Sorry you have to deal with that. I find it a bit embarrassing that my husband knows about it. I manage to go to my morning water exercise class (seems we have that in common as well) by cleaning out with a small warm water enema. It helps.

The problem I originally wrote about appears to be an anterior enterocele. It's kinda rare compared to a posterior enterocele and I had to go to Yahoo search to find out a little bit about it. It's amazing what you can learn when you're determined to find answers. I still have to have it confirmed by the urogynecologist but I feel pretty certain my internet self diagnosis is on point.

If you want to talk about your issues or mine or have any questions I'm happy to chat with someone who's in the same boat. I'm planning on having the rectocele repaired and the enterocele as well. Hopefully they can do it at the same time.

Thanks again.

Jan 1, 2019 · Recovery from a unilateral oophorectomy in Women's Health


Your pain may be a remnant of having your ovary removed. That would make sense since you just had surgery there. When i had my ovary out i had some pain for a few days and then I felt better. I didn't have the complication of a part of my bowel being stuck to the abdominal wall but I had a large chocolate cyst on my ovary and many adhesions caused by endometriosis. The doctor released the worst of these.

I know it's tempting to assume it was the surgery but coincidences do happen so I have to ask if you've had your appendix out yet. My appendix was actually an unusual presentation, as many of my complaints are. I had pain on the lower right side on and off for years. It was never severe, double over, vomiting and diarrhea like my son had kind of pain, when he had appendicitis. The night before I was supposed to have laparoscopic Nissan fundoplication surgery I started having lower right side pain that was pretty bad. I also, at the same time, was doubled over with upper left side pain.

Sounds kinda weird, right? Well not wanting to take any chances, with surgery coming up in the morning, I decided to go to the closest emergency room. It hurt! When i got there and explained the situation they called my surgeon and he asked that they transfer me to the hospital I was to have surgery at. They did an ultrasound and discovered i had "sludge" in my gallbladder but that pain resolved all of a sudden, as happens with gallbladder disease sometimes, as we were doing the ultrasound and by the time my doctor got there and ordered some lab tests my liver panel was only mildly elevated so we decided to look into it further in a nonemergency situation. My gallbladder could wait. They also checked my appendix. My white count was up, I had a fever, the ultrasound was inconclusive and my x-rays showed a huge impaction in the ascending colon. I was pretty constipated.

Under the circumstances, they decided to admit me, deal with the inpaction and constipation and reassess me in the morning for surgery. By morning, after a long night of Go-lytly and trips to the bathroom, the pain was worse, my fever was higher and we decided against the Nissan for now. In the meantime he told me that he wasn't convinced I had appendicitis. We tossed around exploratory surgery and he told me that 85% of the time exploratory surgery for pain yielded no answers. In spite of that we decided to do the exploratory surgery, I think to humor the patient who "knew something was wrong!"

To make a long story short I woke up 7 hours later to a room full of doctors. My doctor began: "your surgery took a little longer than we thought". He explained that he could usually remove an infected appendix, which mine was, in about 45 minutes laparoscopically, my surgery had taken 5 hours and several interns had been called in to observe. It seems he had many layers of adhesions to to go thru trying and failing to find my ovary, which had been removed but he didn't know that, and looking for my appendix. When he finally got to it, it was very long, inflamed and wound around my colon, right where the impaction had been. It appeared the appendix had caused some ischemia of the colon interfering with motility and causing the impaction. He said that in 20 years as a surgeon he had never seen evidence of chronic appendicitis, until my surgery. He didn't think it was a real diagnosis until now. We agreed that because I didn't appears not to have had acute symptoms until the night before, we missed it and it got better on it's own.

Now, this probably isn't what's wrong with you. I hate telling scare stories based on my crazy experiences. Hopefully you're just taking a bit longer to heal but it's worth checking out if you still have an appendix.

Hope you feel better soon.

Dec 31, 2018 · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

@pdilly i hope you find someone who has experience and good ideas for you. I'm having problems with that myself for a different problem. I was lucky to see a different specialist who looked at some recent records and discovered he had at least seen someone who had the same problem as me. At least I now know I'm on the right trail to finding answers.

Praying for you to find some relief. Have a safe, happy and healthy New Year!