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Mon, Mar 16 10:28am · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

Hi merry I agree with so many things that you said especially about beating it. No one has that answer not even us. When i tell people i have cancer most just say how sorry to hear that and then i or they start talking other things. I go to mayo on april 22 for pulmonary testing and my ct scan so hope to answers on my left lung. You extra worried about the virus since we are high risk. I do what i can to protect myself and the rest is in Gods hands. My girls have been and are a great help. Hugs merry and keep in touch.

Sun, Mar 15 3:55pm · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

Merry and Meka. I haven’t had any ask that specific question. I tell people what’s going on if I know the answer. I kind of clam up when I don’t know all the answers. I don’t like to be grilled. I just want love and support. Don’t want people feeling sorry for me. Want to love and laugh. So meka. Just smile. Change the topic if it bothers you and talk about what you want to talk about. Hugs to you.

Fri, Mar 13 11:20am · ALPHA 1 in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi Everyone…….. I hope everyone has stocked up on supplies for the virus and are staying away from crowds. Its showing up around in south dakota now and has been one death

Fri, Mar 13 11:15am · ALPHA 1 in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi, I was diagnosed as a carrier of alpha 1. It is considered an autoimmune disease and it affects your lungs and your liver. I have copd but they say its not connected with alpha one but who knows.

Sun, Mar 1 11:23am · Decreased sense of smell may indicate early dementia in Brain & Nervous System

Colleen. I heard or read about people with dementia losing the smell of peanut butter….. Has anyone else heard this. I keep thinking I can smell peanut butter ever time open the jar but then my nose is right there!!!!!!!! I'm just forgetting a lot of things…….

Sun, Mar 1 11:13am · Side Effects of New Shingles Vaccine in Just Want to Talk

I'm sorry you are having so many problems after receiving the shingles shot. Was this your first one? I had my second one a few months ago and the only thing I had was a sore arm for a day or so….. no other side effects. This was my third and final shot and didn't have problems with any of the others. Im not a dr so can only tell you how things went for me……. So wishing you good luck and hope you find the answer and get well soon. amira

Tue, Feb 18 1:50pm · Cancer Treatment Induced Heart Disease in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Thank you colleen and inali for answering my question……. I had a thorough heart check up when I went to mayo the first time and they found the lung cancer. I've been trying to stay upbeat about all this but it is slowly dragging me down….. Have my ct scan in april and am concerned about that……. my copd is getting worse and now I am learning about the heart problems with radiation. whats going to be next. I know a lot of you are worse off than I……… how do you do it, how do you keep a positive attitude. I try to keep busy. but its getting hard.

Fri, Feb 14 2:44pm · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

I guess with this cold winter I go into hibernation So how are you.