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Mon, Mar 11 2:12pm · Freezing in Parkinson's Disease

@teresa. I will be seeing my pulmonogist and cardiologist. Was thinking maybe should see my gp. First as I will need to go back to mayo in June for ct scan.

Mon, Mar 11 12:01pm · Freezing in Parkinson's Disease

Question? for the last few months sometimes I wake up having tremors with my hands shaking so bad. It doesn't last too long and then I am good for awhile. This morning I feel asleep in my recliner and had my hands and arms shaking so bad and I remember thinking how do I get this to stop. Can I be dreaming all this is happening or is it real. I have appts at mayo at the end of march……. would it be wise to add another one for this.

Tue, Feb 19 2:28pm · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

Have any of you with fibromyalgia been tested for alpha one ???

Tue, Feb 19 12:10pm · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer

I think as we get older we all think about dying whether we are sick or healthy. I think about it now but it’s not being afraid it’s about missing my family will they be ok. But then these are human emotions because we on earth know what it’s like to miss someone. As for after death that all comes down to faith and what we believe. I had a religious upbringing and I believe with all my heart. That I will see my family someday and be with the Lord even tho it can’t be proven to me. It’s all in the heart and what we believe. We will all find out someday but I am
Not afraid. Stay safe and keep the faith.

Sat, Feb 16 12:10pm · Has anyone used CBD oil for chronic pain? And do you have results? in Chronic Pain

@donald. I have spinal stenois but am on other medications for other issues I have. So if I am taking prescription medication then I should not try the CBD oil. That's my question I am trying to find an answer too……. would taking cbd with my meds cause me problems in the long run so just stay away from the cbd oil. Have not taken any yet. I do not take pills for pain as I have been getting steroid shots in my spine. Can anyone help me out here…….. Thanks.

Sat, Feb 16 12:01pm · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

@clownscrytoo Hi clowns, sorry I can't help with the fibro pain as I don't have it. What I was wondering if you have ever been tested for alpha 1-antitrypsin. I was told that is a cause of fibro, lung and liver diseases. I got tested just by having my dna tested and found out I am a carrier so only have one of the nasty genes but I do have COPD but drs say mine was caused by smoking. Best of luck to you.

Sat, Feb 16 11:49am · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

@merry and everyone. been awhile since I checked in. Am heading to Mayo on the 25th of this month to see pulmonologist and cardiologist……. both are for checkups. Then in June its time for another CT scan. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. So far been doing good, but usually am tired. Can sleep good at nite but find myself taking a nap in the afternoon. I just want my energy. I hope everyone is hanging in there, doing what you have to and keeping the faith.