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Sun, Jul 19 12:38pm · What helps spinal stenosis besides surgery? in Spine Health

I appreciate everyone's suggestions and help with stating what worked and didn't work. Since I am 76 and have these other issues, I just don't know what to do. I'm between a rock and a hard place……..do I pass on having something done with my back and just deal with the copd and lung cancer (will have radiation again in 5 months, third time for that) The shots help some but only for about 2-3 weeks and then its back to pain and if I keep on like this,,, I will be going to notre dame and join mr hunchback there…I'm sorry, I shouldn't complain……deal with what I have and move on………… Faith, love and hope to all of you.

Fri, Jul 17 12:57pm · What helps spinal stenosis besides surgery? in Spine Health

I also suffer from bursitus in my hips so I go in for infections. The shots help both my hips and my back. Today, thought I would look for things on the internet and then discuss with my dr. I came across an article for a neuromd Its a device you wear on your back and helps with the pain. Its been FDA tested and approved. Has anyone checked this out. I don’t know if insurance covers it or not …… I am getting tired of the injections and those really are just a temporary solution. I’m 76 and don’t think I want to go thru surgery and my dr said that doesn’t really help. So if anyone has one of these things or know about them, would appreciate your input. Besides the back am also dealing with copd and lung cancer……..Life is like a box of cherries……I just keep getting the sour ones……… Hope you all are doing ok……andhave God, family and friends as your everyday support………..

Sat, Jun 27 12:37pm · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung, continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

Merry, linda……….. Hi everyone, its been a while since I was in here …… just busy getting appointments done. Just got back from Mayo and the multifocal adenocarcinoma has returned. They have been watching it for awhile so they left the decision up to me to either let it go yet or get the radiation treatments.
I went for the radiation now as who knows, what shape I will be in later. My copd is getting worse. said my lungs are getting smaller due to the fact of curvature of the spine which doesn't let my lungs expand enough for me to get all the air I need. Then I had my colonoscopy and had three polyps but they were benighn…Whoope something turned out right. Sometimes I get so tired , then other times, I laugh and say ok, whats next on the list that I will have to deal with!!! Hope you all are keeping the faith, doing what you have to do and saying prayers for the good Lord to help us thru all this. My prayers for you all. Joan

Sat, May 9 9:43am · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

I had my lexapro dosage upped to 20mg Been on 10mg for a few years. Don't know if its working or not…….

Sat, May 9 9:38am · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

Hi Lilypad. I too have gotten sick from anesthesia but now I always tell them and they give me something but have had no problems in a long time. So make sure you tell the anesthesiaist this before surgery. I come to mayo on the 2lst of June. I have to have a test for the virus and that has to be done 48 hours before they can do any testing or whatever on me. Don't know if its the same for everyone or not. I will send you my phone number and if feel up to it, would come and meet you on the 2lst for a short Hello……… smiles and prayers Joan

Fri, May 8 3:34pm · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

Lily paws. Will be thinking of you and sending smiles and prayers. It’s always scarey going into surgery. I always tell the anesthesia dr to make. Sure I wake up. Which mayo will you be going to. I go to Rochester in June for my drs appointments. PleAse keep us informed as to how you are doing. Prayers and a 😋

Thu, May 7 3:17pm · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

rjx6000.. I too have a hiatal hernia and had gerd so bad. I went thru a lot of meds before the dr put me on one that really helped it. I also had a pain on my side off and on and that finally went away too. I'm stitting here trying to think what the name of the med was…… Anyway right now i am just on prilosec twice a day and things have been pretty calm……. I do also take align once a day, that helps too and that is over the counter med. As for the shortness of breath wish I could help you with that , I do have it but mine is contributed to COPD , Keep going to the dr and say I want answers and if he can't help you then go to another one. We know when things aren't right with us and want answers………. Best of luck to you. I can try to find what med the dr put me on……. Not saying it will help you but it helped me……..

Thu, May 7 2:57pm · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

Hi Merry, This being shut in is for the birds…….lol…I hate to do this and I might chicken out yet but made an appointment to get my hair cut. Will be just me and my beautician inthe room but I can't stand my hair any longer, And then I got my appts for Mayo next month. I did have my video chat with my neurologist yesterday which went good . Unfortunately no answer has to why I keep getting the chills so bad even with getting my lexipro increased thinking it was anxiety. So don't know what to do about that. I got weeds growing in my flower bed and I don't have the energy to do anything about that so am looking for someone to do it for me……… My house is a mess. I need to get a baby blanket done and life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the heck you will get. One byone things will get done. I keep telling myself, don't sweat the small stuff its not worth it and concerntrate on the blessings you do have. I hope you all start the day with a prayer in your heart, a smile on your face and Gods love and your families love right beside you……….PS I decided I'm not going to let COVID virus dictate my life, not going to do anything stupid either, but I'm in charge of my life.