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Nov 5, 2018 · Dose any one have problems with fusion surgery in the neck? in Spine Health

I had neck surgery fusion with screws and plate and i have popping sounds all the time and i can not turn to the right. Does any one have the same problem and should i have another surgery. I went to therapy alot but it does not work. I have been on pain meds for 11 years and off for 4 i did not want to be hook on them. I found out that i rather be in pain then being on them. I have scoliosis with rods in my back i already wrote in the blog earlier about that. Has any one had these plate taken out of neck?.

Nov 5, 2018 · Removal of plate and screws from tibia fracture in Bones, Joints & Muscles

My son broke his tibia and fibiula and screws in ankle to for fracture and his other foot fracture in his heal so he was in to long casts for months and two surgerys on his right leg first one was to place rods and scews on the out side but that did not work so they did a second surgery put screws in his ankle and plates in his tibia and fibula he is in constant pain and walks cruked and not right he fell off the roof hes only 25 yrs old and he can not stand to long do to the pressure and pain some times after going to a event he can not walk the next day i'm getting him another oppion he has been therapy and says its from otheritus and he will like this for life… this makes me sad … i want him to have a full fill life and hes limited to this pain… i can not drive do to he can not move his foot to well. Yes i have ask them if he can have all the hard ware out but they said he will still have problems…

Nov 5, 2018 · Scoliosis surgery: Harrington rod placement and spinal fusion in Spine Health

Hi, i had the Luquee surgery at Stanford Childrens hospital in 1980 for Scoliosis which the Milwalkie brace did not work after 4 years and this was a study surgery that my mom wanted me to have. I have to long rods on each side of spine and all the way to my mid waist so i can bend and have kids and plus they are wired all the way down. I was fine after having 3 children and doing great untill i had a bad accident in my job that messed me up in my neck so they put a plate and screws and my neck was fine after but my lower went badly. I use a cane and i can not walk much and they want to fuse the rest of my lower back but me and my husband told them no. I was on codien tyanal for 11 years i have been off them for 4 years now. I rather feel my pain than being addective to meds plus i was off them my body feels alot better. My issue is the pain in my neck and lower back i have to sleep up all the time its very hard to get sleep. I want to try stem cell to see if it works and if workers comp would pay for it. It would cost them less than surgerys. Plus i gain so much weight that the pain is worse and i can not excersise its hard to. My specialist at Stanford was Dr. Rinsky i can not see him do to i'm adult and he is a Childrens specialist orthopedic.