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Apr 30, 2019 · Switching to Trintellix or Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Depression & Anxiety


She is a board certified Psychiatrist. I am beginning to think she is just grasping at straws.. I have been on quite a few meds.. I went off Pristiq after about a year or more at the end of December.. Hell to get off of.. I was on avg. dose of 25 mg.. had been up to 50 mg… Before that I was on just reg. Effexor,non XR.. 25- 50 mg.. reduced it to 25 mg.. sick of being FAT and eating nothing.. lost about 20 lbs.. but mood and cognition suffered.. she suggested Pristiq, as it is similar.. I was having terrible night sweats, some aggression, feeling numb, taking naps.. Then the cervical neck stenosis diagnosis was confirmed in early Dec. on MRI.. I did a trial of Cymbalta from late Feb.- early March.. It caused dry eyes, upper GI trouble, bad insomnia.. it did help the nerve pain some. I am also still on the Neurontin, usually at night, 300 mg. for the darn nerve pain.. I hate it. I am also on Clonopin, avg1mg- 2mg. a day.

Sorry I ever took the Clonopin 26 years ago after a perm. job loss..

It is horrible and messes up your personality and your cognition.

Now today, after restarting the Cymbalta, 20 mg. on Sat. 4/27 for 3 days, I stopped today to see if the insomnia gets better, the dry eyes..the more irritability. Also made my constipation worse and I have bad IBS- Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth with Constipation and take Trulance for that..

You literally do not want to eat much of anything while on Cymbalta and it does cause bad upper dyspepsia.

I know also the Neurontin causes a lot of side effects..

I am at a real crossroads on what to go on next, if anything.

I had the Genesight testing in November.

Wellbutrin and Pristiq and Viibrid are in the green column.

I have been on and off different meds. since 10/96..

I am a heavy anorexic now from all these meds..

I hardly eat.

Wt. about 158 at 5 ft. 5.5 inches..

My nerves are shot all around from the major stressors I am enduring with no end in sight.

I think Trintellix looks pretty dangerous to me and it was 'Brintellix" years ago.. they had to rename it due to it was too similar to another RX name..

The nerve pain and cervical neck stenosis has made this whole thing worse about which antidepressant to go on and stay on.

Also researching Cymbalta and hard to get off of and some people have gained a lot of weight on it..

Makes me not want to take anything ever again..


Apr 27, 2019 · Switching to Trintellix or Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Linda, Decided not take the Trintellix.. now back on 20 mg. of Cymbalta for now.. so confused as to which med to go on and stay on or get off.. the side effects are so troublesome.. She wanted me to try it.. I don't like what I have been reading about it. Jean

Apr 25, 2019 · Switching to Trintellix or Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Depression & Anxiety

Hi all, I am in between antidepressant meds again.. had to stop Viibrid after a short period of time.. was causing very bad diarrhea.. now Psych is thinking Trintellix.. starting at 5mg. I don't like what i read about it with the side effects.. I also got the GeneSight test and this medicine is not on the Green light list of good meds. for me.. I am also taking avg. 300 mg. Neurontin for cervical neck stenosis nerve pain for about three mos now per my pain management Doctor.. i hate it.. make you feel like a Zombie, good for anxiety some.. the pain management Doctor refusing to do any trigger shots, epidural, etc.. she is stating that it will cause psychosis!! I had nerve blocks, nerve ablations and an epidural for my lower left lumbar spine and that did not happen.. Also, Neurontin can change your mood.. May have to go back on Cymbalta, 20 mg. to help the nerve pain stay under control.. I tried it for a short period of time and it caused upper gastric distress and I believe pretty bad dry eyes.. had to stop it.. I am still on Clonopin- avg 1mg. or more a day or some days none.. These Doctors are driving me nuts with the meds change. I also hate all the lousy side effects.. pain management Doc. also recommending Lyrica and or Norytriptiline and those have bad side effects with major weight gain being one of them. I starve myself now and am never hungry and am at about avg. 158 and 5 ft. 5.5 inches.. way too much for me.. i feel horrible. i am ready to just go off everything!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. JMS

Mar 19, 2019 · Lyrica vs. Neurontin for nerve pain caused by cervical neck stenosis. in Spine Health

Hi All,

I am having problems with my treatment for ongoing cervical neck stenosis radiculopathy. I have the problem at the C5-C6, severe on the left side. I have been on 300 mg. of Neurontin for the past two mos. However this medication has been messing with my mental status. Also not good if want to try and lose wt.. which I have to. My current pain management Doctor is now refusing to do an epidural injection, claiming ti can cause some psychosis or mania?!! She now may want me to switch to Lyrica.. I have done research and Lyrica is pretty bad for major side effects, including major weight gain.. Neurontin even at a smaller dose makes me tired, kind of a zombie. It may have given me suicidal ideation. She now is suggesting Accupuncture, some PT. I have had this condition since January of last year. I thought it was just carpal tunnel syndrome. My Neuro, insisting I get the epidural and go on Lyrica. They are all driving me nuts.. She also suggested Tegretol. I am also switching antidepressants again.. now on a small dose of Viibrid. Was on Cymbalta, 20 mg. for the nerve pain, helped some.. bombed my GI tract. I am so sick of Doctors and their differing opinions at this time!! J.

Mar 7, 2019 · Cymbalta, 20 mg. and 100 mg. of Neurontin and bad upper GI symptoms.. in Depression & Anxiety

@lioness , Thank you.. call into my Psych. and G.I.. Most likely the Cymbalta, I think.. Jean

Mar 7, 2019 · Cymbalta, 20 mg. and 100 mg. of Neurontin and bad upper GI symptoms.. in Depression & Anxiety

Hi All,

I am on a current dose of Cymbalta, 20 mg. since Mon. 2/25 and on 100 mg. Neurontin for about the last two weeks.. All of a sudden by last Sunday, I am having burning when I eat or drink in my upper GI Tract and acid taste. It even makes my coffee taste horrible. Also, some on and off bouts of diarrhea. I also have some insomnia, not much of an appetite, seem to be urinating more and irritation when voiding, dryer eyes. All that said, even with hardly eating.. wt. stuck at 159. I am also on Clonopin, avg. 1 mg at night or if I have had a bad night, .5- 1mg. in the morning. I have put a message into my GI about this. Will call my Psych. I may be getting of this Cymbalta soon. Went on it for the depression- anxiety and cervical neck nerve pain. I hate both of them!! Anyone else experiencing upper GI- and worsening Acid reflux on Cymbalta and or Neurontin? Thanks in advance. J.

Mar 2, 2019 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

@nativefloridian , I did get off the Pristiq slowly.. see my response to C. Madison.. it is hard but doable under the care and supervision of an MD.. I had the same response when the extended release would kick in.. heart rate would feel too fast and I felt a rush of adrenalin like feeling.. I slowly went down from 25 mg. every other day, then 12.5 mg every other day.. then slowly off of it.. Off of it since 12/29/18 and was on it from 4/16- 12/29/18. SSNRI's are weird and tough on our brains, nervous systems and bodies.. so are SSRI's.. I never was able to lose wt. on it either.. stayed the same and made my bloating and constipation worse and my IBS worse and you never feel hungry and sexual desire waned but not as bad as some other meds.. Hope this helps.. Good Luck and you can do it!! J.