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15 minutes ago · Art for Healing in Just Want to Talk

@retiredteacher Hi, Carol. My wife already is getting the daily emails from bookbub. My sister has the first round of chemo done. She has been going into the hospital every 2 or 3 days to have fluid drained so her lungs don't collapse. That time is beginning to increase and she says she is starting to feel a little better. She has chemo again on the 29th. This round is so toxic, she has to be admitted into the hospital for 3 days. The chemo will leak out of her pores and tear ducts, so they need to make sure she showers often and gets eye drops. As for myself, I figure that my kidney transplant is on God's hands and will happen in His time
Thanks for your prayers.

3 hours ago · Art for Healing in Just Want to Talk

My wife is an avid reader also. She has been reading more books on her tablet. She can check out books from the local library on her tablet. And Amazon has great marketing. The first book in a series is always free. When she gets hooked on a series, she has to pay for the rest of the books to find out how the series ends.

4 days ago · What happens following a Mayo appointment in Visiting Mayo Clinic

It is going to depend. on what the treatment is. After my surgery for pancreatic cancer, the doctors at Mayo determined what I needed for chemo, but I needed a local oncologist to prescribe it. I had my chemo at my local hospital. The following year I had kidney problems. The infusion was a specialized medicine. No one locally would administer it so I had to go to Mayo in Rochester each week for treatment (a 4 hour drive).

Sun, Jun 30 10:21pm · Has anyone heard of an artificial kidney being made? in Kidney & Bladder

@contentandwell @retiredteacher @rosemarya @kamama94 @gaylea1 @colleenyoung @hopeful33250 @gingerw @cehunt57 I don't remember who all is following my story. Latest update: both Mayo and my insurance company have approved my kidney transplant and I am now on the UNOS list as an active candidate. My sister was trying to get approved to be a donor. She was scheduled for her test in mid June but had to reschedule because she was sick. When her sickness did not go away, she finally went to the doctor again. She had a collapsed lung and an enlarged spleen. Still waiting for test results, but doctors think she has some form of lymphoma. Should know by Wednesday. There are a lot of prayers being said for my sister right now.

Sun, Jun 30 8:16am · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

@user_ch53e9c09 I haven't tried it, but at the top of the on the right side is a square with 3 lines in the box. Click on this to open the menu. Select My Account. The first thing on top is where you can enter a picture. Right below that is a box where you can enter some information about yourself. When I click Edit, it shows my user name and it looks like I can change it.

Sat, Jun 29 4:54pm · Post Transplant Symptoms in Transplants

Mayo would not put me on the active list at UNOS until my insurance approved to pay for my transplant

Fri, Jun 28 6:43pm · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Cancer

I had my Whipple in 2014. My wife stayed at the hotel west across the street fro St. Mary's. A few weeks ago we drove past there. The old motel is gone and they are in the process of building a new one. I think most motels in Rochester understand that sometimes people need to extend their stay. My surgery was 8 1/2 hours. My gall bladder was already gone. The surgeon removed most of my pancreas, 1/3 of my stomach and my duodenum. He did not re-attach the pancreas to my digestive system. When I had my surgery, the protocol was to have me on an insulin drip to promote healing. The nurse woke me up every hour during the night to test my blood sugars. Don't know if they still do that. I was in the hospital for 6 days after surgery. Get walking as soon as possible. I don't remember a lot of problems with eating – just eat frequent small meals. The 3 1/2 hour drive home was miserable. My wife didn't know if she should drive fast to make the trip shorter or to drive slow so the ride wasn't bumpy. I do wish that I had a pillow to hold over my incision on the way home. We stopped frequently so I could get up and walk. My wife says to make sure you eat at the Canadian Honker while you're there.

Thu, Jun 27 1:12pm · Best nurse EVER! in Transplants

When my mother-in-law was in her early nineties, she still lived in her own home. Every week she would go to the local nursing home to, as she said, visit the old people, many of whom were younger than she was.