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19 hours ago · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@merpreb I asked today and was told that I am getting photon radiation. I am half way through my treatments now. Last week the radiation techs started wearing masks. Today, the ladies at the front desk were also wearing masks.

We do have tivo and I record the shows that I really want to see.

4 days ago · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@merpreb I am doing good. I am about half way through my 25 radiation treatments. Started feeling a little nauseous after the 4th treatment so I got a prescription that pretty well takes care of that. My biggest problem is that I miss out on a lot of the TV programs I watch. I fall asleep half way through the program I am watching and wake up half way through the next program. I never know how the conflict was resolved or I don't know how it all started in the first place. Gotta love the weather in the Midwest. Wednesday it was 70 and I sat out on the back patio to have a cup of coffee. Yesterday we had rain, freezing rain and snow. It is supposed to warm up again later in the week.

4 days ago · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@drewgrebe Thanks for you prayers. I really appreciate it. Since my wife is not able to come with me to my appointment this week, I used my cell phone and put her on speaker phone so she could hear the discussion with the nurse practitioner and could get her questions answered. I really appreciate today's technology that makes these things practical

Mon, Mar 30 3:23pm · Pancreatic Cancer Group: Introduce yourself and connect with others in Pancreatic Cancer

@survivor2 @sunshine041594 @baileycody @thally5299 I have several posts in this thread. Things have changed significantly since my first post. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May of 2014. My Whipple was done in June of 2014. Following surgery, I had 6 months of chemo – 3 weeks on and 1 week off. Two weeks after my chemo, I spent a week in my local hospital. I was sent home, but a week later, I was in the hospital again. This time my doctor sent me to Mayo where I spent another week in the hospital. It was determined that because of a rare reaction to my chemo, I developed atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. I spent most of 2015 going to Mayo to be treated for aHUS. By the time, that was under control my kidney function was down to about 15%. In June of 2019, I had my 5 year PET scan. Once again, there was no evidence of disease and Mayo told me I didn't need to come back. Last December we moved and I had to find new doctors. My new oncologist wanted a PET scan done. Two doctors looked at my scan. One said it was inconclusive. The second doctor said it looked like cancer. I went to Mayo for a second opinion. They did a PET/MRI and a biopsy. It was determined that my cancer had come back on what was left of my pancreas. Because of artery involvement, surgery is not an option. Because of my kidney problems, I can't have chemo. This morning, I had my 8th radiation treatment. I am scheduled for a total of 25 treatments – 5 treatments a week. After my radiation is done, I have to wait 3 months. Then I can go back to Mayo to see if I can have surgery to remove the rest of my pancreas.

Sat, Mar 28 4:38pm · Telemedicine: How to make the most of a virtual doctor visit in COVID-19

I have been using a form of tele-med for 5 years. My local hospital was part of the Sanford system. My nephrologist was at the Sanford hospital in Sioux Falls SD. I would have all my blood work done at my local hospital a few days before my appointment. On the day of my appointment I would go to my local hospital. I would be in a room with a camera and a monitor and a nurse. My doctor could see my test results. There was a stethoscope attached to the computer. The doctor could listen to my heart and lungs through the computer. This was all done through the hospital's network connection instead of through a cell phone.

For various reasons, I have had appointments at Mayo, Nebraska Medicine and Sanford. All of my doctors have access to all of my records at all of the hospitals. That became vitally important to me in the last few months when I was diagnosed with a recurrence of my pancreatic cancer. My doctors could see my PET and MRI scans done at various hospitals.

Fri, Mar 27 9:44am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@merpreb It's nice to be "confined" to home. I can take a nap at anytime I want to!

Fri, Mar 27 9:16am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@merpreb I take the meds an hour before my treatment and as needed after my treatment. I am so thankful for the small blessings like feeling good when you wake up in the morning.

Fri, Mar 27 7:29am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@gingerw Yes, we are able to have quality time when I get home. Starting to notice fatigue and nausea from treatments but I have meds for the nausea. I am hoping to include my wife in the appointments with the doctor through a Messenger call or at least on speaker phone.