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Wed, Sep 16 1:42pm · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

A tutor who tooted the flute
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
Said the two to the tutor,
"Is is harder to toot or
To tutor two tooters to toot?"

Wed, Sep 9 9:16pm · Cancer Survivor Guilt in Cancer

@1nan Hi, Nan. Thanks for asking about me. It was last February that I had a PET/MRI scan and an EUS biopsy at Mayo to confirm that my pancreatic cancer has indeed returned. Typical treatment would have been radiation and chemo. Because of my kidney problems, it was decided to do only radiation. After 25 rounds of radiation, I ended up with an E. coli blood infection and did 15 rounds of IV antibiotics. Last July, I returned to Mayo for another PET/MRI. That scan showed that the tumors and lymph nodes had increased in size. I was told that it could be a result of the radiation. I have been getting monthly CA 19-9 tests. Those tests have indicated that things are remaining stable at this time. I have to go back to Rochester in a month for another scan. If the tumors are not growing there will be no treatment other than periodic scans to see how things are going. If the tumors are growing, I will have to have chemo. Because of my kidney problems, I will have to have dialysis 1 hour after each chemo treatment. So we are waiting to see what the next scans show. Meanwhile, my wife and I spent the last 2 weeks camping by a lake. I was able to play disc golf, ride my bake, walk the dog and go swimming with my wife. Also got to spend a couple of days with our daughter and her husband and the grand kids. The weather was beautiful. We got home just in time because there are frost warnings issued for tonight. I won't say I don't have emotional lows and highs, but all in all, I am enjoying life. I am a member of a Facebook group called Whipple Warrior Survivors. There have been several posts recently by others who have had recurrences of pancreatic cancer and are fighting the cancer and enjoying life. Posts like that give me lots of encouragement and the will to take things head on no matter what the future holds.

Sun, Aug 30 6:53pm · PET Results - Pre-potential whipple treatments in Pancreatic Cancer

@minimia I had my Whipple 6 years ago. I hear a lot of people talk about chemo and radiation before surgery. I was diagnosed early in May, 2014. A couple of weeks later I was at Mayo for a week of tests and I had my Whipple on June 5, 2014. My surgery took 8 1/2 hours. Surgery didn't bother me – I slept through the whole thing. My doctor didn't use stiches or staples. He put me back together with "super glue." The day after surgery he took the bandages of to check things out. I was waiting for him to put a new dressing on but he said it wasn't necessary. They had me on an insulin drip the first night. I was told it was supposed to promote healing. The nurse came in every hour to test my blood sugars. I remember having a very sore back. By 3:00 AM I told the nurse I had to get out of bed. She helped me up. I walked to the doorway of the room, looked down the hallway and told her I wanted to go back to bed. I was in the hospital for 7 days. I really wished I had brought a pillow with me to hold over the incision on the way home. Walk as much as possible before and after surgery.

Fri, Aug 28 6:45am · What's your experience with dialysis? Give & get support here in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94 First I want to let you know that I am praying for you. Second, I am enjoying reading about your relationship with your surgeon. I taught school for 18 years. Six years ago when I was going through chemo, the nurse standing there with a needle in her hand getting ready to put poison in my body had been one of my students. I was hoping that I did a good job of teaching her and that she didn't hold any grudges. She too was a peach.

Thu, Aug 13 12:06pm · Starting Dialysis: Lots of questions in Kidney & Bladder

I started having kidney problems in 2015. My fistula was put in in December of 2015. It is now about 5 years later and I am not yet on dialysis. My last GFR was 16. I was on the kidney transplant list at Mayo and at Nebraska Medicine. Because of a recurrence of pancreatic cancer, my name has been removed from both lists. I go back to Rochester in October for another PET/MRI scan. If the tumors are growing I will have to have chemo. I have been told that because of my kidney problems, I will have to have dialysis 1 hour after every chemo treatment.

Mon, Aug 3 3:47pm · Cancer Survivor Guilt in Cancer

@1nan Thanks for your post. I should have made a more complete response. This is a discussion about feeling guilty about surviving cancer. My response was written to indicate that those feelings are real. I have had such feelings. I fully understand how others can have those feelings. What I didn't say is that I don't dwell on those feelings. I am a 6 year survivor of pancreatic cancer. Last December I was told that my cancer has come back. I am expecting some very trying times in the coming months. But I view every day of life as a gift from God. I do have physical limitations due to my various medical conditions (cancer, diabetes and kidney failure). But I do everything in my power to enjoy spending time with my family and friends and enjoying the beauty of God's creation that surrounds me. God has given me his peace and he will give me the strength I need to face an uncertain future. I will continue to celebrate every day of life that I am given

Sun, Aug 2 7:02am · Packing for our trip to Mayo Clinic. What to bring? in Pancreatic Cancer

After several trips to Mayo, we bought a small suit case on wheels. We use it to carry appointment guides, meds, tablets, chargers for phones and tablets, water bottles, notebook and pens to write down what the doctors tell you, etc.

Sat, Aug 1 6:00pm · Pancreatic Cancer Group: Introduce yourself and connect with others in Pancreatic Cancer

@debsid Mayo has contacted me about a study that is at stage 2 of the study. My oncologist told me that means they are done testing on animals and are trying to determine what dosages to use. When they finish stage 2 testing, they will then test the effectiveness of the procedure. The way I understand it, you are given a drug that makes your body hyper sensitive to light. They then use an endoscope to shine a laser on your tumor. The last i heard, this study was on hold due to covid.