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4 hours ago · Fatigue in cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

I have to deal with fatigue on a daily basis, too. I've accepted the fact that on most days I have to take a long nap. You do learn to plan for the fatigue. Last summer, my wife and I took an extended camping trip to the west coast (6 weeks). As we made plans, we made sure that our traveling days were not too long. And we usually made sure we stayed at each campground for at least 2 nights. That way, I had time to rest up if I needed it. @1nan , I never thought about mental fatigue before. But now that you mention it, I agree that it is real. Sometimes you need to shut down your mind and just do nothing. A couple of things that keep me going are singing old hymns at the retirement/nursing homes in our area and volunteering at our local hospital. I tell people that I've been a patient in just about every department, so I know my way around. During my chemo, I was there so often I asked if I could just buy a membership.

Sun, Sep 15 9:52pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@parus I found and watched "The Three Little Pigs." It is very good! Thanks for suggesting it.

Tue, Sep 10 6:49pm · Pancreatic cancer—Whipple procedure in Cancer

@salledell My Whipple was more than 5 years ago. I don't remember a lot about my recovery. I don't remember having a lot of problems with eating – just started with small frequent meals. I'm sure it was a few weeks before I could drive. As for physical activity such as gardening, I did what ever I could – I just quit when I got tired. I know for the first year or so I rested a lot. I know when I went to Wal-Mart, Menards and Sam's I used their electric carts to get through the store.

Sun, Sep 8 5:37pm · Cancer and returning to work in Cancer

I am so thankful for my employer. I was diagnosed with cancer in May, surgery in June followed by 6 months of chemo. I had a rare reaction to the chemo and spent another year being treated for kidney problems. I went on short term disability during the cancer/chemo treatments. When short term disability ran out, the owner of the business I worked for put me back on full salary even though I was making weekly trips to Mayo for treatment and missing a lot of work. My fellow employees also gave my wife and I a very substantial financial gift to help meet our expenses. I finally told my boss I was going to go back on short term disability while I tried to gain enough strength to come back to work. When short term disability ran out, I was still unable to work full time so I ended up taking long term disability. It is great to have an employer and fellow employees who care so much and give so much financial and emotional support when going through trying times!

Sun, Sep 8 4:57pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

What a story @janclaire! God is good all the time! Thanks for sharing.

Sat, Sep 7 5:04pm · Pancreatic Cancer arising from IPMN pancreatic cyst in Cancer

@susan2018 My cancer was adenocarcinoma on the head of the pancreas. No experience with IPMN. No one said the word "cancer" until after my Whipple when it was confirmed. I hope your husband continues heal and regain his strength. Have they talked about further treatments- chemo? My cancer involved one lymph node so doctors recommended chemo for me.

Thu, Sep 5 6:11am · Confused Recipient in Transplants

@hopeful33250 Teresa, I really don't have have questions at this time. I have read a lot about the donor and recipient process. When I asked for donors, I had 2 people talk to me. Neither one qualified to donate. I learned this by talking to my donors not my transplant coordinator. I am not aware of anyone else who has contacted Mayo about being a donor. I have been told by my coordinator that if a living donor is approved by Mayo, Mayo will not tell me. Once a donor has been approved, the donor will be told that it is their responsibility to contact me and let me know. Then my donor, my transplant coordinator and I will work together to schedule the transplant.

Tue, Sep 3 9:46pm · Confused Recipient in Transplants

@morty @gingerw I was placed on the active list for a kidney transplant at Mayo in Rochester last June. My transplant coordinator told me that she was not allowed to give me any information about possible donors. If I wanted any information, I would have to talk directly to my donor. (My sister was going to be my donor. Two weeks before her scheduled evaluation, she was diagnosed with mantel cell lymphoma. At this time, I am waiting for a deceased donor.)