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2 days ago · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

I would also caution testing such units with mouthwash… I tried it for "fun" with the backtrack and purple Listerine and I can assure you it will set off a backtrack. It deteriorates really rapidly (way too rapidly to be consumed) but it will set off at least the backtrack device. Did not test this with the soberlink… but I would not try it. And I would not want their "experts" to interpret the results on my behalf it it was for the record…

2 days ago · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

A word of warning on the soberlink thing… be careful how much you trust it and you need to be extra careful with any hand sanitizer you may be around with all the covid stuff going on – especially do not let it in your car at all. Let me explain why…

My wife got one of these as well after the bad USDTL peth tests. All was good for probably four months of testing 3-4 times a day (at her schedule vs theirs). We had read some bad things about the soberlink and having such bad issues with USDTL we did not trust soberlink either so my wife was doing her own separate tests with a backtrack device prior to doing the soberlink one. All was fine until we went on vacation…

First, my wife's backtrack blows "hot" (like 3x the legal limit hot) but it also does so for me too… and we were both together and neither of us drink… so I told her it had to be a bad backtrack unit and to take the soberlink. Guess what… it goes off too. And it was through the roof too; with no drinking; Stayed that way for 4-5 hours but the decay rate was WAY too high for it to be consumed alcohol. Something major screwy was going on… we just did not know what.

The "analysts" (who have business degrees at best and are not scientists based on talking to them myself) at soberlink are a joke and cannot interpret the results for crap; It is not humanly possible for the human body to reduce alcohol at the rate my wife's results were going down. More so I was seeing the same thing on the backtrack (as were our kids). We had to hire a real expert to argue the test results with the soberlink clowns which we succeeded in but I wanted to know what happened.

Best we (and our expert) could guess was it was us riding in the enclosed car on a 5 hour road trip. My wife and daughters had alcohol based cosmetics in their suitcases and we stopped for lunch in the hot texas sun. My guess is one of them "leaked" into the car cabin and then we breathed in fumes for multiple hours. Based on the device readings… we were all multiple legal limits drunk.

So the punch line is be extra careful about enclosed spaces and anything with alcohol in it. I would be terrified to be taking these tests and being anywhere around hand sanitizer but especially in my car… but also be wary of what may be released into the air from others…

2 days ago · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

I should also add there is another member of this board that has seen conflicting USDTL tests taken same day at different test sites. I personally do not trust USDTL enough to retest with them same day but you might even consider that too. My best recommendation is the labcorp test. And for anyone that does tests at two places with conflicting results I would appreciate it if you contact me. Would also be interested in re-affirmed results if not drinking. I particularly worry all the hand sanitizer use going on is going to cause lots of problems for a lot of people.

2 days ago · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

USDTL is not the only source of PeTH test. Just the more questionable finger prick ones. I highly suggest you start dual testing at quest/request a test/ labcorp site that uses the Blood drawn version from labcorp. I can provide direct proof from my wife that you can fail the finger prick test from usdtl and pass the labcorp one taken minutes apart (drive time). Something in the fingerpick one is screwy. Read my prior posts for other tips. All this said you are still fighting a highly corrupt system but I would sure farther be doing it with conflicting same day PeTH tests than without.

Tue, May 5 10:54am · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

If there is any possible "good thing" to come with the current COVID issue – there are tons of people running around using hand sanitizer in bulk. Maybe after the dust settles someone could do an analysis of the data to see that there is a notable spike in people getting railroaded by these (and other) tests. The PETH witch-doctors claim the only exposure that counts is ingest (not that I support this premise) but all the poor people taking other alcohol tests are likely to start having massive failures… as things like ETG tests are very sensitive to such exposure.

Thu, Apr 23 7:40pm · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

I would start with reading the posts from toolsd, myself, and fairlane. Will give you a pretty good idea of how bad this test is.

When you took the second test was it also with USDTL? If you read my other posts you will see why you really should be taking another test with Labcorp as the backend. Without a second test to dispute USDTL you are going to have problems. Even with it, you will likely still have problems. Especially if you have anything against you other than these tests. The court is pre-disposed to treat you as a liar. They believe these tests no matter how bad they are.

Toolsd and I have a lot of data showing the tests are questionable. I wish we had more same day tests with conflicting results. We have conflicts same day at USDTL different testing facilities and same day conflicts with USDTL and Labcorp and other sources. But I will warn you unless you have a lot of cash to fight good luck getting a court to pay attention to you (at least that was my wife’s experience). You are unfortunately a new member of the USDTL victims club. If you want to PM me an email or phone number I might be able to make some suggestions (especially if your problems are in DFW). I suspect toolsd will reach out as well.

Sun, Feb 16 8:55am · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

Have you had any failures since starting this process? If you have would appreciate a PM.

Sat, Feb 15 10:38am · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

See my previous more detailed posts but I would definitely take more than one test from different labs moving forward. Guessing you failed the fingerpick test from USDTL (test lab not necessarily who you took it with)? If so I would go somewhere that does the labcorp version (request a test being one). I would take both every time I was ask to test going forward.