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Sat, Jun 22 8:13pm · Late Stage Primary Sjogren's Syndrome in Autoimmune Diseases

@johnbishop Thank you for the links. I am printing one so the I can study it at my leisure. I am diabetic so I work with a dietician. For years I have eaten mostly fresh vegetables and a few whole grains. I had to add back in some tiny servings lean beef just recently because I have severe anemia that is responding to treatment very slowly. I believe that Dr Wahls' book is in my library.

Sat, Jun 22 7:51pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

@jeanie26 I know exactly what you mean..the best kind with no additives tastes terrible. The reason you hold it in your mouth is for quick absorption. If you mix it with food it will go straight to your belly which will delay relief time. I do this: I add it to two teaspoons of clear juice.I also learned that you have to mix it up in a real container-it goes right through the bottom of a little paper cup. I've tried a few and I find that the drugstore variety sold only by pharmacies is the best.

Sat, Jun 22 7:41pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

@jeanie26 It is federally legal but left up to the states. Idaho and Mississippi are the only two holdouts, I believe.

Sat, Jun 22 7:38pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

It is federally legal but left up to the states. Idaho and Mississippi are the only two holdouts, I believe.

Sat, Jun 22 4:18am · Late Stage Primary Sjogren's Syndrome in Autoimmune Diseases

I have advanced autoimmune disease , particularly Sjogren’s syndrome (about 30 years) Most doctors have never seen anyone like me, so most of the ones I am sent to, study me mostly. My Sjogrens’ has advanced to affect every muscle, connective tissue, lungs, heart and more. I am in the middle a new look at things.About 2 months ago I began to have unbearable pain. I cannot use my arms without extreme pain;deep in muscle tissue. my right is worse than my left. The pain is like nothing that I have had before. The doc says my muscles have hardened and become stiff. I already knew that, but this new pain is incredibly hard to take. .It affects the arms and shoulders, the back, thighs and calves.I can walk but it is difficult. I have developed ventricular hypertrophy; (the left ventricular wall thickens and then is unable to function normally) I have also developed a new case of interstitial lung disease, skin problems, rashes that don't go away. I also have Type 2 Diabetes. These are very serious problems. I have in the past couple of months read the doctor's update on Sjogren’s. I did not expect this sudden change. I am disabled and the pain is almost unbearable. The docs are looking really closely at the addition to my problems of MS.

Sat, Jun 22 4:02am · Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in late stage Sjogrens Syndrome in Heart & Blood Health

How serious is the heart problem? I didn't get much of an explanation from the doctor.

Sat, Jun 22 2:40am · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

@peggyn If you have chronic pain it is helpful to use it everyday. I told my internist about it and put it on my list of meds.You do not have to build it up. Used correctly it begins working in 15 minutes.It is important to use it correctly and the oil seems the best.It is pure hemp oil from an American farm that i am using. It is only sold at drugstores. You need to know what you are using the same way you would look for any supplement and check the source. Pure Hemp oil tastes yucky, I wouldn't mix it with food I mix it with a teaspoon or two of fruit juice. Food would slow down the response time. I mistyped the dose in my other post: i purchased a 1000ml bottle of pure hemp oil and you use one dropper full which supplies 20 mg of oil. That is a dose.I paid $140, but 1000ml lasts a long time. If you are diabetic watch your glucose carefully. Drink plenty of fluids.Tell your regular doctor that you are using it. This is a a natural substance ,comparable to using aspirin or turmeric. Don't expect a sudden jolt of pain relief. It offers a subtle, gentle soothing of pain when used correctly. I have no information of how it would affect a type 1 diabetic. I am a type II. Any type 1 diabetic needs to speak with their doctor before using this.

Sat, Jun 22 2:09am · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

@lisalucier @peggyn @maryshipley Hello everyone. I began about 2-3 weeks ago on CBD pure oil purchased from my regular drugstore. The dosage is 20ml of oil under the tongue for 1 minute and then swallow. You can take it when you need it. I have been taking it twice a day. I follow up with a hot caffeinated drink The oil is different from the tincture. I have some tincture. I also have some CBD sparkling water drinks which contain 10ml. They are handy if you are not at home.CBD does not make me feel drowsy or high.It soothes pain in a subtle gentle way. I haven't been on for a year because Ihave been so very ill. The headache that i discussed last year did not go away.No medicine worked and the pain began to spread throughout my body, anyway that is another post and i just wanted to mention that the stunning thing about CBD oilis that after 19 years on heavy doses of insulin, My body appears to be able to use my own insulin again. It happened suddenly, so if you are a diabetic, caution is very important, you will have to watch your glucose very carefully.