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1 day ago · Weird Left Side Pain Continuing for Months in Chronic Pain

@personc Welcome to connect we are a caring bunch. We aren't Dr.s so you know as much as we But I would like to ask if you have had xrays in that area that might show if you have a fractured rib or maybe its badly bruised but you will need to see your Dr. about this . Hope you find out what it is so it can heal. Let us know .

1 day ago · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

@maw258 I agree with what Gingerw said to you It's hard to have anxiety and depression but at times you need some medical help to get started then as you feel better you can tapper of Talk to your Dr first tell him about your feelings ,he can help you be your own advocate let him know how you feel. Try to get rid of stressors in your life if family relegate some of your work and you can say no to friends if it's to much for you Remember you are important to yourself so be kind to yourself

1 day ago · Gallbladder surgery coming up this week in Digestive Health

@tennisgolf Any kind of operation is worrisome I'm a former O.R. nurse and the Dr,s won't take out your gallbladder unless it can't be done in this way. With stones that are to large or a diseased one. That's why you have to sign a consent if necessary for them to make a larger incision to remove a diseased gallbladder.

2 days ago · Angioplasty in Heart & Blood Health

@tarsr Welcome to our caring group Before others chime in After my by pass Dr told me to only use good fat and lean red meat only every once in awhile limit it If you feel comfortable in telling us what procedure did you have ?

2 days ago · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

@gingerw I don't blame you but I was interested in it for the back surgeries that go awry. This happened right down the road in Pacific hospital we wondered in 2014 why a name change and a new medical group bought the hospital now I know why . Shady back surgeries with weak screws fake screws implanted in people It was terrible . Now I diffinately know I wont be getting any surgery

2 days ago · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

@mamacita I love your words and so true you do have to love yourself before you can love others . We have to have our joy in living .

2 days ago · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

@gingerw Are you watching channel 2 whistleblower on back surgery wow

3 days ago · Selfharm in Mental Health

@karen00 We all hear are trying to help and we care hope some of these suggestions will help you . I never take it for granted that it couldn't happen to me . California is a very expensive state I'm so far fortunate and blessed . I do hope you find something to help you both soon.