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3 days ago · Live Donor Weight Loss Surgery Prior to Transplant in Transplants

@christygb You have some very exciting and positive things ahead of you!
A few replies have already touched on what I would say.
Fill out the donor questionnaire now even though it's early. A nurse will call you and go over your answers so that you'll have some info to start with.
A higher BMI may not be a "deal breaker". If you pass the initial evaluation, there will be many tests to check your overall health which will determine if it's safe for you to donate.
I thought I read in another post that Mayo doesn't do both liver and kidney transplants from the same living donor but can't find it. The nurse/social workers at Mayo are excellent and will be able to answer that for you.
Whatever the outcome of your evaluation is, you are doing great things. Deciding to lose weight for your health will pay off for you and your family. Inquiring about live organ donation means 1 more person in the world has info that they can pass on to others.
Good luck to both of you

Tue, Sep 3 10:52pm · Confused Recipient in Transplants

I can't imagine how frustrating that would be, I hope things fall into line soon.
Before I had my 1st official Mayo appointment I did an initial screening, talked with a nurse, talked with a social worker, filled out a more lengthy questionnaire, had a batch of blood tests & a 24 hour urine collection sample done. This was over about a month's time.
It was all part of testing but none of it was on their books as a donor appointment, so I can see how you could get 2 different answers.
My evaluation took 2.5 full days at Mayo and I was lucky to have an answer from the donor board about a week later that I was eligible to donate. My recipient knew nothing of any of it from Mayo until I scheduled a surgery date. I found out later that they did call her in for additional testing but she was so used to a million appointments that it didn't occur to her it was for imminent surgery.
From the 1st phone call Mayo was very firm that they were my team and their job was to make sure I would be safe & understood every step I'd be taking and that the recipient had her own team to do the same for her. I talked to her for the 1st time after the donor board accepted me & met her the day before surgery.
I wish you the best, it sounds like you have great people in your life.

Fri, Aug 30 12:19pm · Any double donors out there: liver and kidney? in Transplants

I'm no help here, just interested in the answers.
I donated a kidney & have thought about liver donation but didn't know if I would be flagged as a crazy person for considering it.
Do you know the recipient? I've heard that some places don't like to transplant if not but not sure why.
I've also heard that liver donation is more painful and a longer downtime for the donor. Your experience must have been good if you are looking at donating again. That's great!

Thu, Aug 22 12:02pm · What ways you can help when you can’t be a living donor? in Transplants

I am a living donor but if I wasn't able to donate a big thing I could do to help is to talk about it with others.
Depending on how far along I got in the process (talking to family, initial screening, bloodwork, evaluation etc) I would have more information about donating than the average person.
I had no idea that I didn't have to "match". I thought I was too old & fat. I thought I couldn't afford it. I thought I lived too far away. I was worried about needing the kidney someday. All of those were wrong.
I have a hard time, especially in person, telling people I'm a donor. It feels like I'm looking for accolades but I love to get the information out there about how easy Mayo & the recipient made things for me.

Wed, Aug 7 9:15am · Need help and advice. Where to stay for transplant review in JAX? in Transplants

I don't know if it works the same way but the Gift of Life house in Rochester, MN partners with hotels in the area for special pricing while you are on the wait list. It wasn't a lot more than the price of the house.
The time spent before and after surgery varies greatly from person to person. So if they have someone scheduled to stay for 4 weeks, they may leave after 3 weeks, opening up spots sooner.
There are also scheduling mix ups and last minute cancellations that can work in your favor. Get on the waiting list. Don't lose hope!

Sun, Aug 4 9:55am · Waiting for the Call: What needs to get done at home before you go? in Transplants

Congrats on looking into being a donor!
Donors don't have as many restrictions as recipients because their immune system isn't compromised by health concerns or medication.
I would think you could see them as soon as you feel well enough for company but there is a lifting restriction (not more than 10#) for a month or so.

Tue, Jul 16 10:31am · Waiting for the Call: What needs to get done at home before you go? in Transplants

I was able to have a scheduled surgery and was also not out of town for as long as a recipient would be but I am an over thinker and over planner. Here's what I did.
We have a binder at home of all of our emergency contacts, passwords, insurance info, warranties etc. I made sure our house sitter knew where it was and also told my sister about it. I should have brought the password page as I forgot a lot of them were saved to my laptop & I was using my phone instead.
I lined up a back up dog & house sitter. I left our car keys in case our cars needed to be moved or the alarms went off. I gave my neighbor a spare house key. I cleaned before we left but hired someone to clean before we got home. I asked my sister to drop dinner off for our first night back.
I used insta cart? Not sure if that's the correct name. We were at Rochester Mayo and Walmart has a shopping service where you just need to go and pick up the groceries. I planned a menu for our 2 week stay and my husband picked it up. He could have done the shopping but I typically do the cooking and shopping and he was worried he'd forget key ingredients. In hindsight, I would have done the same when we got home because the limited lifting restriction made shopping difficult.

Wed, Jul 10 5:44pm · creatinine levels after kidney donation in Transplants

I'm interested in hearing if other donors have a similar schedule.
I was seen at Mayo 6 months after surgery. I had the option to go back at the 1 year mark or to have tests done or have them done locally. I think there is more testing to be done locally at 2 years which I believe is right before any insurance coverage would end for donors.
Tests at 6 months & 1 year were renal clearance, 24 hour urine sample, 18 hour blood pressure test & many blood draws.