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Dec 29, 2017 · What Pets Can Do: Health and Healing in Just Want to Talk

I have always loved and owned dogs – since six years of age. My older brother is a veterinarian, and as I grew up we had many wayward animals in the home. Thorough college, as an adult, and as my husband and I raised five kids, we fostered, adopted and bought dogs.

At age fifty, when severe depression fell from the sky and square into my being, I was personally witness to the healing, active, protective insights embedded in the souls of many dogs.

My personal benefit powered want to provide an opportunity for others to share in the glory.

I now own five different games: two who happily serve as therapy dogs to kids and adults with cancer, as well as kids in an alternative school due to behavioral health challenges.

Words pale. The sumptuous sensation from both feeling the benefit and watching others literally absorb the power is magical.

It is not for all. Not all dogs are appropriate to train for this service Cr. But when the stars align, magic does happen.

Dec 17, 2017 · Depression and taking medicine for years in Depression & Anxiety

It become a frustrating conundrum. People who love, love you act in the way they believe to be helpful. Although done with the most loving intention, it sometimes feels damning. One was a gift from a very good friend – a small coin purse that read, “Just Be Happy”.

It was her soulful hope for me. It felt to be such under estimation of my present state. If I could “Just be “Happy”, I certainly hope she understands that I would be. Unfortunately it is true grit, spiritual thinking, acceptance, good psychiatrists, loving family, skillful psychologists, time and much more.

Signs on a coin purse feel petty – but I do my very best to look back to intention in giving – and when I see it, I say, “Carol adores me – and as she tracks alongside thru the journey, she will show it differently”.

Dec 17, 2017 · Depression and taking medicine for years in Depression & Anxiety

There are a ton of meds that have varying systems in which they act upon. I know, because I have tried no fewer than 75 combinations – methodically and with great psychiatric oversight and referrals to expert “super specialists” for consultation. I am better today for that effort. Without these meds, my mood tumbles fast and furiously.

I work in healthcare and have tremendous respect for the family practitioner. It is impossible, however, to meaningfully stay abreast of all areas of medicine. I urge you to research thoroughly to find a highly regarded pychiatrist in your area. If insurance coverage gets in the way – a consult, at the very least. A good psychiatrist follows ongoing evidenced-based practice with the most recent research.

Dec 17, 2017 · How to support friends and family who support you in Depression & Anxiety

I agree with you completely about non-experts who may post I a way that makes a reader assume they are experts. That is how news reporting, in general, has changed the way we get the news.

My request was about the experience people with behavioral health issues deal with supporting the very people tat support them.

Everybody experiences and interprets the world differently (in using the works of depression). My hope s for soulful inquiry to the question posed and ine’s personal experience or observation of it. I am also grateful for references to information from people who are experts.

I believe the value of the posts are sharing personal experience. There are plenty of books to read.

Dec 13, 2017 · How to support friends and family who support you in Depression & Anxiety

I have major depression. It struck like mighty lightening without warning when I was fifty. As a healthcare provider and mother of five, my role of prioritizing the care of others became suddenly and drastically reversed. For many, depression does not leave politely through the back door after striking.

I am interested in learning about the experience of others as they manage the challenge of supporting those you love when you, yourself, are in such desperate need.

Dec 12, 2017 · Guilt Towards Family Due To Mental Illness in Mental Health

I deeply hear you … very deeply. My grief and guilt about the impact of depression on my youngest daughter and husband was immense. It still throbs, but with far les gusto.

Depression often lacks overt signs of illness to which others can readily connect. It is isolation that seeks isolation.

The first really helpful comment I bathed in – luxuriously – was a psychiatrist who told me, “Your kids were baked before depression came crashing. That doesn’t mean they have no needs; that doesn’t mean they understand, but don’t beat yourself up for an illnes thst is encumbering you”.

As for my husband – he is a stoic, kind man. He does not freely offer anything less than optimism. That said, it was clear he suffered. My capacity to help at home diminished to very little. I asked him constantly and forever how he was doing, and he was always upbeat – he was “fine” and simply worried about me.

I learned a few years into major depression that his struggling and angst for my struggles was immense. I understand why – I asked – but he was cconcerned that if he spoke negatively, I would tailspin.

What I needed most was the truth. He is now getting help from a separate psychologist. We share are thoughts openly and honestly. Our marriage is good – very good – after eight years of major depression.

I guess my thoughts – based on what I have experienced – is to (despite the constant pull of mental illness), do all you can to understand, deeply, the thoughts of your husband. Include him in your own therapy from time-to-time.

If the roles were reversed, and your were your child or husband – what would you be feeling, thinking, feeling? Is there something in those thoughts that would allow you to create “touch points” each day – a hug, a note, a surprise, a listening mind?

It is Hell to have mental illness. It is “near Hell” to watch someone you love suffer. It is a forum for torn relationships if all parties are not attentive. It creates a sense of feeling “depressed for your depression” – the doubleness of illness.

I would love to see a post of what you CAN and DO do for your kids and husband. It is clear (and true), that depression saps capacity … but usually, not ALL of it. How do you, or can you use the power within to give yourself credit for the many good things you are able to do?

Dec 8, 2017 · Holidays & Celebrations: What helps to stay positive? in Just Want to Talk

Suggest TED Talk done on audio-only program called, “Sincerely X”. You can get this free of charge through, the “Audible” AP. Episode #8 is called Mood Changer.