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May 10, 2017 · #MayoClinicNeuroChat about Brain Aneurysms in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

I am 38 year old, no high blood pressure, no smoking ever, no alcohol ever, i have good health, no family history of aneurysms, I have been diagnosed with 3 brain aneurysms towards the back of my brain 2 weeks ago, 1 with 4mm size, 2nd one 3mm size and third one 2mm size. I have been to John Hopkins to the world renowned doctor Alexander Coon, he has scheduled me for cerebral angiography on 17th May 2017. He also mentioned to me that he will most probably perform 2 surgeries(1 to 2 weeks apart ) with Pipeline Embolization Device which is a flow diverting latest device. I am also trying to get 2nd and third opinions. some doctors are saying to wait and observe since they are small. Can anyone please tell me if they have similar size aneurysms as mine they are also put on wait and observe and what did their neurosurgeons recommend and/or did you also get any second or third opinions, if you could please share with me so that I am well informed to make decisions. I have been reading about the post surgery effects such as sever headaches, fatigue, stroke risk, groin pain, possible hair loss, low back pain, depression etc. I am living a normal healthy life and it doesn’t make sense for me to have 2 surgeries, I would want to wait and observe

here are my 3 brain aneurysms report
1. 3 x 4 x 3 mm saccular aneurysm arising from the medial wall of the left cavernous ICA.
2. 3 mm saccular aneurysm arising from the medial wall of the left supraclinoid ICA.
3. 2mm saccular aneurysm arising from the medial wall of the right paraclinoid ICA.