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1 day ago · Asymptomatic c diff carrier in Digestive Health

Thank you for the good ideas.

2 days ago · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

I like the way you explained the process of working with a nutritionist to carefully test which foods are your FODMAP. This has helped me tremendously. I would like to add that I am doing well with drinking Keifer every day. My doctor suggested that I make my own, so I have been watching youtube videos every day and assembling the few items I need to make it.

2 days ago · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

I have tortuous colon too. In May I will have my third special colonoscopy at Mayo Scottsdale. They put me under with general anesthesia and use a pediatric scope. I also do a two day prep, so I have two nights of spending time in the hotel bathroom. I hope this helps.

2 days ago · Asymptomatic c diff carrier in Digestive Health

I’m interested in your question about seeing a geneticist. I did see one at Mayo in the past regarding numerous polyps found during colonoscopy. Can you please tell me why you think a geneticist would be helpful? Also, thanks for bringing some people into this thread.

4 days ago · Asymptomatic c diff carrier in Digestive Health

During my annual exam, I learned that I am a carrier for the c diff toxin. However, there is no treatment indicated at this time because I don’t have any symptoms. My doctors seem very blasé about this, but I am worried about how this will affect my health going forward. I drink Keifer daily. I am learning how to make my own Keifer. I travel internationally and follow all the recommendations of my travel doctor. Is there more I should be doing or that I need to know?

Sat, Oct 26 10:25am · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I was in the ER with vomiting and dehydration. The doctor told me I had long QT and suggested I work with a psychiatrist to change my antidepressant. I did that and now long QT does not show up on my EKG.

Sun, Oct 20 10:02am · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss

I am learning how to speak up for myself. I have learned to tell people to keep their usual speaking volume. One time a nurse came into a quiet empty waiting room and loudly said she was going to take my blood pressure. Another time a technician at Mayo gave me an IQ test in a volume that was clearly stressing her voice. I wish I had explained to her that mine is sensorineural loss, which is not improved with volume increase but is improved with quiet background, slowing speech down, and allowing me to see her face clearly. It is getting easier for me to ask people to slow down. I still have trouble when people get agitated after I ask for a repetition of what they said. Some people react as if I wasn’t listening. I’m learning, and will be glad to read any tips you might have.