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Jul 19, 2018 · Anxiety, stress or what?? in Depression & Anxiety

Exercise feel worse. Well after i exercise I feel horrible. But not during. Horrible as in it triggers something nervous system that and physically feel awful and anxious. Never did this before December. Before i got sick in December I worked out everyday for years with zero negative effects.

Jul 9, 2018 · Anxiety, stress or what?? in Depression & Anxiety

Since December 2017 I hhave been dealing with a wide variety of symptoms that have plagued me every single day for 8months. Symptoms are heightened anxiety, panic attacks, episodes of racing heart with hypertension, full body aches, epsidoes of extreme cold or feeling feverish,
Jitteryness, internal vibrations, tightness in my chest. The worst symptom is a stressful feeling that comes over my body , almost the feeling if you got done doing something strenuous or had a very heated argument with someone but all I’m doing at time is watching TV 🙁 the feeling makes my chest tight and my bp going high. Ive had countless blood work in months that all returned normal. Countless ekgs that return normal. A normal MRI and EEG. iam hypothyroid and initially the syntpoms felt very hyperthyroid BC I had tooo much energy but after seeing 5 different endos the bloodwork shows iam still hypothyroid with inactive graves disease and was told there is no way what’s happening to me is thyroid related. It honestly feels like more stress related than anxiety when it comes on. And its not an all day feeling either. It comes in episodes. It happens evening single evening. Ive been on xanex 1mg since January BC it is the ONLY medicine that eliminates my symptoms as soon as they start. Has anyone else been through this?? My docs are clueless

May 11, 2018 · Hypo and Hyper thyroid hell!! in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have been Hypothyroid for years (diagnoised at 13 I believe and am 29 now) and dealt with all the symptoms that came along with it. Something happened with my body in December. Suddenly I was having panic attacks and chronic anxiety daily along with a stressful tension feeling in my chest area daily along with full body awful aches and pains, jittery, internal shakes, unwanted anxious energy, really really cold than really warm like hot skin. Admitted to hopsital 5 times during 2 month period for all those symptoms. Had countless and endless blood work done looking for anything and everything and even had a MRI and EEG done. Oh and about 8 EKGS. The only thing that showed was that I was Hypo AND HYPER. ..which is impossible right? Finally found a good Endo who said iam primarily Hypothyroid but I also have Graves disease. He did not say what ive been experiencing is from the thyroid malfunction, though I was feeling in perfect health for years before all this and my labs have never showed any Graves. Any advice??

Feb 26, 2018 · Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness in Autoimmune Diseases

Going on 2months now everyday non stop. Sometimes mild and im able to ignore it but over the hours of day it becomes more severe and causing my heart rate to go up and my blood pressure to go very high (170/99) its episodic. Ive been to hospital for it 3 times for it and received no treatment as my vitals slowly return to normal. Xanex helps me feel calm but does not help the shakiness just helps me not get upset about it. Am only 28 years old and hypothyroid. I have never had symptoms like this in my entire life just started out of nowhere. Iam in good sTate of mind and aware of what’s happening when the episodes happen. So far my doctors are clueless.

Jan 26, 2017 · Inner ear problem?? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I’m 27. In good health besides being hypothyroid.
4 days ago out of literally nowhere I begun experiencing bad vertgio
Spells with all day long lightheadedness and nausea with it. First day
It happened was extreme. The second third and forth day are not as
Extreme but the symptoms are off and on, the morning and the night
Are the worst! Laying down aggravates the lightheadeness and when i
I wake up it takes over an hour sometimes two to feel ok. During the
Day so far I can drive and walk. No other syptoms besides dizzy and
Nausea. When to a clinic all tests came back normal but both ears
Are clogged. I’m not sure to what severity. If had excess wax before
Don’t recall all this happening. I have no ear ache or pain.