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Feb 27, 2017 · Chronic pain and medical marijuana in Chronic Pain

I have been researching CBD oil which is a derivative of hemp. Hemp is not psychotropic because it has extremely low or non existant levels of THC in it. The oil comes in different strengths and you have to adjust accordingly to see what strength you need. I just ordered some to try in my vaper cigarette and it has no nicotine or other harsh chemical additives. Some come with a flavor or without or even seperated, oil in one vial flavor in the other vial.
Hemp is not illegal and anyone can purchase it.

Feb 27, 2017 · Wondering why my ex wouldn't say my name? Fear of intimacy? in Mental Health

Well my husband rarely calls me by my name now. I would suppose that if you had mentioned it to him perhaps he would have tried to say your name more often. I always call my husbands name and sometimes feel bad because he calls me honey or hun or sweetie. I think, should I try to use more endearing terms towards him? So I try but then no one knows who I’m talking to!
I do think that it has a lot to do with communication, honesty, and being open to hear his reason why. It is possible that you yourself had thoughts beyond your name and possibly you had issue with personal self esteem or confidence or even trust with him. I hope this gives one opinion that may help but I hope you look at it as something he felt he didnt need to say because he thought you just knew he was only saying it to you.

Feb 22, 2017 · Been treated for major depressive disorder for most of my life. in Depression & Anxiety

Rose, havent heard from you since you started this discussion, are you doing well?

Nov 23, 2016 · Depression and abusive marriage in Depression & Anxiety

I was in a verbally abusive marriage before also. Its hard but at a point you need to get out. Come up with a plan. He will only further your mental health into the red. If you can, there are community resources that might be able to help out. I hope you’re able to get out and start anew.

Nov 23, 2016 · Been treated for major depressive disorder for most of my life. in Depression & Anxiety

I too have mdd and have been struggling for 20+ years. I can tell you that if you are not finding relief from you medication therapy that maybe it is external factors that you might be able to change. I currently am living in a place where I hate everything here but can’t leave because of kids family etc. Its because of my husbands job that we go where they tell us. I have almost lived here a year and decided over time that I just have to find something that I like and can do that will make me feel a little happier than I had been. You need a positive escape. Like a hobby which could be anything really. You could write, make things, I knit which is repetitive and easy. Im not sure what you like to do or did like to do but you may have to look into other things to do besides the stuff you might have liked before. I hope this helps a little and if you want to do something or learn something, youtube is a great way to do that.

Nov 23, 2016 · Depression and abusive marriage in Depression & Anxiety

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