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Mon, Jan 7 2:34am · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

I've heard that hydration helps a lot. Two treatments to go. Even though you will still feel poorly, you will be so happy to not have to go in any more!

Fri, Jan 4 12:35pm · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

@wayno1234 Sounds as if you are coping very well. I agree about the worsening discomfort/pain in the 2-3 weeks after treatment. Apparently the radiation keeps working. And from what I know HPV throat cancer is eminently curable so you have a good life to look forward to once the side effects wear off. I had non-HPV head and neck cancer, mainly surgery but have also endured the radiation which was a big ordeal with a big improvement a couple of weeks after treatment. Mine was not to the throat though but to the jaw area. Congratulations on getting through this and taking such good care of yourself

Dec 31, 2018 · Erosive oral lichen planus in Autoimmune Diseases

@cheryl5778 My lichen planus turned to cancer a few years after it had settled into one erosive lesion on the side of the tongue. Everyone thought it was standard OLP but looking back, I wonder if it was cancerous or precancerous all the time. It had been a long time since I had the lacy, stripy lichen planus. That one isolated and painful lesion should have been biopsied much sooner.
I don't know about NSAIDS but I do remember I associated them with a flare up and the development of thrush. I haven't had lichen planus since the cancer (11 years now) and NSAIDS don't seem to harm me at all.
Sounds as if you are doing an excellent job of looking after your mouth!

Dec 25, 2018 · Erosive oral lichen planus in Autoimmune Diseases

That is interesting @dreamer60 My one lesion was so painful I took oral steroids. Think it was prednisone. Certainly couldn't take that long term.

Dec 24, 2018 · Erosive oral lichen planus in Autoimmune Diseases

@jshdma I had steroids for OLP too and they were the only things that eased the pain. But they didn't heal the lesions. I had one painful lesion which persisted for years and finally turned to cancer. Maybe my OLP was different but maybe a holistic approach is the way to go. I must point out that only a tiny percentage are a precursor to cancer.

Dec 10, 2018 · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

You are doing very well after 17 treatments. It will probably get worse but this is a good sign! And HPV is easier to treat. I'm really glad for you.

Nov 29, 2018 · Oesophageal tumour in Head & Neck Cancer

You are welcome. Wish I could help more.

Nov 28, 2018 · Oesophageal tumour in Head & Neck Cancer

@nowayback Try not to be too isolated even if you have to deliberately schedule some social contact into your week. I took a computer course when I was still in the heavily scarred stage – one for old people who tend to have their own physical issues anyway. There are usually exercise classes for people who are in rehab for cancer and other illnesses. Learning a new skill from home can be useful too – an online course maybe. Snot, saliva and mucous are hard to manage (I know a lot of laryngectomees), I agree. Ask your team about some tips and tricks to handle this when with others?
As Colleen says, participating in online discussions can be a way of staying connected too. The one for advanced cancer could be very helpful – you get to know the people and it's a good substitute for the real thing. Mayo is fantastic but a dedicated forum for your cancer might help. I can't check this one out because you have to join but it looks good. https://www.smartpatients.com/forums/esophageal-cancer. Hope you get to meet a fellow patient soon.