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Sat, Jun 20 8:50pm · Transplant Evaluation - What to expect in Transplants

@dhelmstetter , @racing212 , @cehunt57 and anyone else waiting for their transplant. When I qualified for my transplant, I did everything possible to be ready and then turned everything over to God. I put the topic "on a back shelf in my mind" so to speak. I didn't think about it other than to make sure I was ready and keep updated. I only waited about 8 months, so it was a short wait, and when the call came in I really had not thought much about it for a few weeks. I can honestly say i forgot about it. I am grateful that I did not have to deal with the anxiety many of you are expressing. Peace and blessings to all of you as you wait.

Sat, Jun 6 12:55pm · Maybe this will be moved; about opioid medication in Just Want to Talk

@stuckonu In my opinion, doctors have lost their ability to treat and diagnose to the health insurance companies. Instead of using the education, training and experience of physicians, patients have to be approved for treatments by (essentially) proofreaders that work off a list of complicated steps prepared by the insurance companies. Reviews of denials do not review the documentation provided, but rather the steps taken by the initial reviewers to see if they followed protocol. Part of it is a national push to stop opioid abuse. Unfortunately, the insurance companies still want us to use medications rather than look for and receiving the "best choice" of care. The only suggestion I have for you is to learn your system as well as possible and advocate for yourself. Good luck.

Mon, Jun 1 10:23am · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

We had our first day of summer Saturday and I was able to clean up the chives. It's hard to keep a farmer's daughter's hands off weeds.

On my parent's farm weeds grew much better than fruitful plants. Sometimes it was all Mother could do to clean directly around the plants so they wouldn't be choked off by weeds. One summer she send my older siblings out to remove the weeds between the rows of the plants. When they came back into the house in 1/2 hour and said they were done, she had to go check. They had pulled every plant from its clearing and the weeds grew on!

Thu, May 28 10:58am · Phlebotomy in Just Want to Talk

@nothinbutblues, the tourniquet is the tight "rubber" band the phlebotomist uses to bring blood to the area before beginning the actual draw. This tourniquet is removed by the phlebotomist when the draw is complete.

The after wrap can be a roll of gauze applied after the draw is complete, or a band aid. Some places op for a piece of compression gauze that is only long enough to wrap around the arm and onto itself. The after wrap can be removed 15 minutes after the draw is complete. If you find that your site is still oozing, reapply the after wrap and leave it on another 15 minutes. Repeat as often as necessary to make sure your vein has completely sealed off. After a few draws you will know how long you need to leave it on.

I have a couple other tips for you regarding blood draws. Do not use the arm the blood was taken from heavily or strenuously for the rest of the day. I don't even carry my handbag with that arm. Also, place direct pressure right on the draw site for the first 5 minutes after the draw is done. Both of these measures will held prevent large bruises under the draw site.

Good luck. Blessings.

Wed, May 27 12:55pm · What can you make at home that will top any restaurant? in Just Want to Talk

If it's cooked, I usually like mine better. Soups are either too salty or have dairy added. Vegetables are always undercooked. Rice and pasta are often undercooked and have too much fat added. Most meat is undercooked or speed-cooked to shoe leather. Almost everything has some unnecessary preservative added. Many foods have too much vinegar or are too sour or spicy. So, I like my own cooking.

Wed, May 27 12:01pm · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

@funcountess Next to the Canadian/USA border near the Peace Gardens.

Mon, May 25 5:48pm · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

Memorial Day has certainly changed. As a child I remember going to parades, singing patriotic songs at the cemetery, having a picnic, and starting the first planting of the gardens. As a newlywed and young parent I remember being rained and snowed out from every outdoor Memorial Day plan. This weekend was typical. Rain, overcast, wind, and restarting the heater because it is just too cold. On the other hand, my perennials are greening up nicely and I plan to take some pics when/if it ever gets warm enough again.

Wed, May 20 7:24pm · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

@rosemarya I have been enjoying the gardens from the sidelines this year The Irises are up and nicely green, but no buds yet. Some of the other annuals are at the same stage and others are just getting going. My husband cleaned up the debris and straightened the statues, so we are just waiting for the blossoms. Our weather is still quite volatile, churning between cold, warm, rainy, cloudy and windy. Thank you for checking in on me.