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10 hours ago · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

@contentandwell it is always difficult when a death occurs after medical error. I am sorry her widower is struggling. I suspect everyone that knew her is struggling with the fact of her death. In my opinion, the best way we can honor her death is to remember how many people were helped by her passing and thank her for every extra day we have. We did not cause her death and those that bear responsibility will have to answer for themselves. We do her an injustice by focusing on the wrongness of her death rather than on gratitude for the gifts she provided with her passing.

10 hours ago · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

@contentandwell I am glad to know my donor's family. They shared quite a lot and we keep in touch. I have come to terms with the fact that she was just starting her adult life. I know from her family that she wanted to donate her organs and they followed through with her wishes. She did nothing to bring on her own death, it was a tragic accident that helped improve the lives of many living people. This young woman could have been my daughter and I would have loved that. As it is, her family is consoled knowing how many people have been, are and will be helped by her donations. Knowing that they are proud of her accomplishments has helped me lose any feeling of guilt over accepting her donation.

Wed, Jul 10 1:20pm · Packing question: What did you have ready for "the call"? in Transplants

I just ran across this question. I am surprised I did not see it sooner. I had nothing packed for my transplant journey when the call came in. When I was put on the list I expected to wait at least 9-12 months. The call came in after only 6 months. I have traveled quite a lot, so I have a running list in my mind. The only thing I did not have along that I really missed was my wedding band. I do not wear it at home because of all the things I get my hands into and after I was released from the hospital I really missed it. I also was not prepared for the size and tenderness of my stomach. We went out to get some sweat pants. I picked up a zippered hoodie, but did not like the feel of the metal zipper on my stomach, so we had to go back out for some sweatshirts, as I was often very cold.

Wed, Jul 3 12:41pm · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

@jakedduck1 I had no choice as a child when Oma made the coffee for me. I only drank it that way when she made it, otherwise I drank it black like my Father. Today I drink it because it is warm and I prefer warm to chilled drinks. I do like the flavor and I do not drink it for the caffeine. It is only strong enough to get the flavor, not strong enough to flatten my eyeballs and grow hair on my teeth.

Wed, Jul 3 12:14pm · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

@jakedduck1 I am so sorry you do not enjoy coffee. I think perhaps you are the wrong nationality. Some of my best memories are of sitting on my Oma's knee and dunking my kuchen, cookie or donut in my heavily laced sugar and cream coffee (made frontier/cowboy style). It was a godsend for me when I became diabetic. It was available at every gathering and virtually carb and calorie free after I dropped the cream and sugar. I still drink it all day every day.

Tue, Jun 25 2:12pm · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

@jakedduck1 Hire a chopper! I would gladly chop all your salad ingredients if I lived close enough to you. Chopping has become my favorite part of cooking.

Sun, Jun 23 4:23pm · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

Hans and Olga woke excited. They got up early to get all their chores done and have everything spic and span. Ole and Lena were coming to visit today for the first time. Ordinarily the trip would take two days, but now that the new super highway was done they would be able to make the trip in one day. By 11 am Hans and Olga had everything cleaned and a nice meal cooking. The table was set with their best dishes and linens. A mason jar of field flowers sat in the middle of the table. Finally there was nothing left to do but wait. They decided to take cups of coffee to the front porch and watch for Ole and Lena to come down the road. At noon Olga went in and turned off the stove. There was no sign of Ole and Lena. They should have been there by now, they had left at 3 am. At 2 pm Hans and Olga could wait no more and went in to eat something. Olga stowed the food and started something fresh for dinner. Then they went back to the porch to watch and wait. Growing more and more anxious they waited all afternoon until they had to do evening chores. They waited until 9 pm to eat some of the dinner and stow the food. Hans and Olga were extremely worried by now. It was after dark and they began to wonder if Ole and Lena had been in an accident or some other tragedy had befallen them. At 11 pm Hans and Olga gave up and went to bed, only to be woken at 2 am by the arrival of Ole and Lena. The friends all hugged and shared greetings, followed by Olga getting out food and making coffee for the late travelers. After eating and resting a bit, Hans asked Ole why it took them so long? Had they had trouble along the way? "No," Ole responded, "It was the new highway"
Hans did not understand how the highway could make their trip so long. This time Lena responded, "It was the rest stops. They were every 20 miles!"
Hans and Olga were still baffled. How could rest stops make their friends' trip so long?
"Well," Lena replied, "Every one had a sign that said Clean Rest Rooms!"
As Hans and Olga still appeared confused, Ole added, "We had to stop at every rest stop to clean the rest rooms! Some of them were a real mess!"

Tue, Jun 18 9:01pm · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94 Thank you. I have already downloaded and scanned your document. Thank you for putting this together and making it available to us free of charge.