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2 days ago · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

I am curious why everyone wants to get of Effexor. I have not read every post, most of the pages I have checked the posts are about how and I want to know why. Thank you for your input.

Wed, Jan 2 2:45pm · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

More jokes for Jake . . .
What do you call a pig with no legs? . . . Ground Pork
What do you call a chicken with no legs? . . . Ground Chicken
What do you call a turkey with no legs? . . . Ground Turkey
Seeing a trend here?
What do you call a dog with no legs? . . . It does not matter, he won't come anyway.

Wed, Jan 2 2:36pm · In hospital for Pneumonia, UTI and sepsis. Any tips for Holiday Cheer. in Just Want to Talk

@user_ch741786b Sorry you are in hospital. A woman went to her doctor for a check up. He addressed her high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia and arthritis. When he asked if she had any questions she asked, "What about my big fat ass?" The doctor answered, "I am a medical doctor, you need to see a lawyer to get rid of your husband."

Wed, Jan 2 1:33pm · Blood Donation, whole blood, Platelets, Red Cells, Plasma in Just Want to Talk

@lioness I used to donate every chance I got until I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 20. My husband also donated until he developed a bloodborne illness. My oldest son has donated a great deal but has not started again since moving across the state. It is the easiest and best way to be helpful.

Tue, Jan 1 9:01am · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

There once was a snail that grew tired of being teased for being slow, so he decided to buy a fast car. He saw a car dealership across the road one day and saw just what he wanted. When he got there the next day he discovered that he would need a loan, so he set off for the bank across the street. Two days later he got to the bank and went up to a teller to ask for a loan. The teller referred him to the loan department and Patty Wack, the loan officer? began the approval process for the loan.
Why do you want a loan? — I want to buy a car.
How much is this car? — $50,000.
That is an expensive car. Why is it so expensive? — It's a cherry red mustang with a 575 engine and a giant golden S painted on the hood.
That is a lot of car. Why do you want that car in particular? — I'm a snail and I'm tired of everybody teasing me about being slow. When I get this car I want people to look at me zooming past and say, "Look at that S car go!"

Later that month a frog came into the same bank and also saw Patty Wack for a loan. Patty told the frog that he would need to offer something of value as collateral to secure the loan and asked if he had any collateral. The frog said he had collateral but would have to go home and get it.
When the frog came back he handed Patty a brass ornament as collateral for his loan.
"But I don't even know what this is!" Patty replied. The frog told her it is his most precious item; it had great value to him and he wanted to use it as collateral for his loan.
After going around a while with Patty wanting better collateral and the frog insisting that this was his best collateral and should be enough, Patty took the matter to the bank manager. After laying out the entire story Patty took the brass piece out of her pocket and said, "To top it all off this is what he is offering as collateral! I don't even know what it is!"
The bank manager responded: "It's a knickknack Patty Wack, give the frog a loan."

Dec 31, 2018 · Happy New Year in Just Want to Talk

I have absolutely no New Year's or New Year's Eve traditions. For New Year's Eve I have gone out with my husband to a dance, once; gone bar hopping with friends, once; stayed up late drinking with my brother and calling everyone at midnight, once; prep cooked for an extended family meal, often; and attended church services, often. Most of the time I have spent at home with the children or alone after they left home. Now that most of the extended family is gone I have not added any new traditions.

Dec 31, 2018 · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

REGARDING ITCHING. Have any of you tried full body exfoliation? Nothing worked for me until I bought a mesh washtowel (from WalMart) and changed to Dove Extra Sensitive Body Wash. I chose the towel so that I could wash it out more completely than a poof and I could spread it out across my back and get a good scrub. Good luck to anyone else that finds relief in this manner.

Dec 22, 2018 · Question regarding nerve damage and loss of smell in Brain & Nervous System

@lisalucier I really have no more information about my broken "smeller". I have just noticed it over time and it comes and goes.