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Mon, Oct 7 12:46pm · Sneaky indoor mosquitoes in Just Want to Talk

@ellerbracke The Avon brand Skin So Soft products have always helped me as a deterrent. I now am using Menthol lotions for dry skin and have vew mosquito problems. The best relief I have found for the itching is to wash with mild soap and lots of water, rinse with lots of water and cover with a mixture of baking soda and water put on the spot as a poultice. Sometimes I use alcohol to clean the spot and cover with a bit of white toothpaste. I use Pepsodent because it is generally the cheapest on the shelf.

Sat, Sep 28 11:53pm · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

Note to self: Do not purchase rocking recliners when you have motion sickness.

Fri, Sep 27 1:51am · Falling Multiple times in 4 days only 21 years old in Just Want to Talk

@contentandwell I believe tramadol and Lyrica are both in the opioid spectrum of drugs. Those drugs need to be signed for at every stage from the pen of the physician writing the prescription to the person picking it up for the patient. I use one pharmacy consistently and have authorized my husband to pick up and sign for any medications I need. These policies do stem from the Federal Government in an attempt to make opioids more difficult for addicts to access. They have made it more difficult for people using the prescriptions correctly and driven the addicts to heroin. Even some people who were using the opioids correctly have changed to heroin because it is easier and less expensive to get. The problem with that is there is no regulation on heroin so these people have no idea what is included IN the heroin.

Fri, Sep 27 1:42am · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

A few years ago my husband and I were running errands and stopped by McDonalds for a refresher. I stepped up to the counter and ordered a coffee. The young man behind the counter efficiently rang up the purchase and asked, "How would you like it?" I stood stunned for a second running through 'over easy', 'medium-well', etc. in my mind. Nothing seemed appropriate so I responded, "In a cup?" My husband chocked behind me and the young man completely stopped all movement and met my eyes. I kind of shrugged and he handed me a cup of black coffee. I grabbed napkins and ketchup for my husband and found a seat. When he sat down he was still chuckling and asked if I did not realize the counterman was asking if I wanted cream or sugar. Lifting my eyebrows I responded that of course I didn't think of that or I wouldn't have suggested a cup. I still chuckle when I think about it.

Wed, Sep 25 2:34pm · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

Five NFL players decided to climb a mountain during the off season. They met at the base of the mountain, got their gear together and started the climb. Things went very well and they climbed steadily until 11 am when they stopped for a quick sandwich and hydration. During their break they began discussing the state of the world and all the problems going on now. After a while the Seahawks player stood up, walked to the side of their campsite and said I need to do more than talk about things; I need to take action! Then he faced away from the camp, yelled, "I dedicate my life to my team, the Seahawks, and all of Northwest USA!" and ran off the ledge. The other three sat stunned to silence for a few minutes. Then the player from Chicago stood up and announced that he, also, was going to take action rather than just talking. As he ran toward the ledge he yelled, "I dedicate my life to the Bears and all of Chicago!" By now a pattern was set, so when the man from Green Bay stood up the other two thought they knew what was going to happen. But the were wrong. The Packer said, "I dedicate my actions and these lives to the betterment of the entire world!" And threw off the Viking and the Bronco.

Mon, Sep 23 6:13pm · Just thinking out loud: Humans Alone vs Social in Just Want to Talk

@ethanmcconkey Thank you for referring me to a tutorial. I was not looking for one. Did you not want me to see your message? Because you did not begin your message with @panc2011.

Mon, Sep 23 4:40pm · Falling Multiple times in 4 days only 21 years old in Just Want to Talk

@blueaces27 Welcome and thank you for asking your question here. There are multiple things that could be going on with you. I suggest you make an appointment with your primary physician and have a good checkup. This could be anything, including: a problem with your nervous system, a balance problem, a problem with your muscles, an autoimmune disease, dehydration, poor vision, malnutrition and many more. We do not diagnose, just share our experiences. My problems with falling included balance issues, autonomic neuropathy, dehydration, orthostatic hypotension, kidney disease and incorrect doses of medications. However, I have multiple chronic and long-term diagnoses. Please keep in touch and let us know your progress.

Tue, Sep 17 10:11am · Just thinking out loud: Humans Alone vs Social in Just Want to Talk

@stuckonu, If you begin your responses with "@" and the name of the person you are responding to, we are sure to see your response and know who you are responding to.