January 2020 HABIT Session in Jacksonville, Florida

January 2020 HABIT Session in Jacksonville, Florida

Mon, Jan 6 to Fri, Jan 17
9:00am to 4:00pm ET


Please call or email to sign up for this session!

Miranda Morris 904-953-8853 or morris.miranda@mayo.edu

Jacksonville, Florida

Please call 904-953-8853 or email morris.miranda@mayo.edu

Hmmmm a tad late to sign up for a program that started yesterday especially when you live in the Northeast. Would it be possible to post when the classes will be for the rest of the year so those of us interested could make plans, reservations, flights etc ?


Agree! Those of us who have traveled distances to attend HABIT would love to see regional refreshers scheduled far enough in advance that we can make plans to attend.
It would be wonderful to have refreshers scheduled at some of your regional affiliate hospitals, i.e. Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington.

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