Webinar: Congenital Heart Disease – What Patients Need to Know

Fri, Feb 13, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


During this one-hour interactive Q&A, Dr. Joseph Dearani and Dr. Carole Warnes provide an overview of congenital heart disease, including transition of care into adulthood, pregnancy, surgical risks, valve repair or replacement, innovation, and lifelong follow-up. A question and answer period followed the presentation.

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I’m a 38 year old woman, i’m born with a transposition of the great arteries and i had a mustard-operation, so my systemic chamber is the richt one. Since two years i developed hartfailure. What can you tell about the prognose?

We have HCM in our family and I was wondering if there is a non-invasive way to repair valves especially the tricuspid?

My daughter has 2 VSD and PFO what would the benefits of surgery be?

9 month old diagnosed with TAPVR, surgery done but now has artery narrowing, will be having surgery at the end of the month in Boston to open the narrowed artery. What is the probability of an occlusion or re-narrowing after a TAPVR reversion?

I’m 30, have 3 children and MVP with regurgitation. My Dr. said that I need to be checked each year, but has not sent me to a cardiologist. Should I seek out on on my own??

I have tetralogy of fallot and am 41. Dr. Warnes is my cardiologist and Dr. Dearani replaced my pulmonary valve with a porcine valve in July of 2006. As of my visit last year, my valve is still working perfectly (thank you, Dr. Dearani!). But I know it’s just a matter of time until I will need that valve replaced again. What are the advancements in the field of minimally-invasive valve replacement? I am hoping that by the time my valve needs replacing, it won’t need to happen through open-heart surgery.

I have a repaired canal defect and a mechanical mitral valve. When my valve was replaced, 8 years ago at Mayo, I was told that there was absolutely no way that I could have a safe pregnancy because of the placement of the mechanical valve. I was informed last night, by my local ACHD cardiologist that, thought there are other concerns, a mechanical valve does not mean that pregnancy is not possible. Is this accurate? My cardiac function is great, with an EF of 55%. I understand that I will need to have an extensive plan with my CHD clinic, and pre-pregnancy testing, including a stress echo among other things.

I’ve been hearing a lot of centers using the Starnes procedure with a BT shunt within 2-3 days following birth of a severe Ebstein’s patient. Can you explain what the Starnes is and why it is preferable to doing right away vs. just doing a BT shunt and waiting to see if the right ventricle will grow to be salvageable by utilizing the cone?

I wasn’t diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease until age 50…I am now 61. I have a Left Circumflex Anomalous Artery; a Mobile Atrial Septal Aneurysm; a Myxomatous Mitral Valve with borderline prolapse of anterior leaflet and Mitral Valve Regurgitation. I have been told that my issues are not serious enough to perform surgery….my research says otherwise…I am very concerned about sudden death, as this seems to be the one outcome that keeps rearing it’s ugly head. What are your thoughts on surgery? I’m afraid that there will be a higher risk if I wait too long.

My 15 y/o daughter has TGA PS VSD
She is going to have her first OHS the double switch procedure will be done
What can you tell me about this procedure ?

My daughter will be 38 years old this year. Her AVSD was repaired at Mayo in 1978, when she was just 9 months old. She has done great, but of course, she has a Mitral Valve that has moderate problem, but causes her no problems. She has been told that there’s no rush to repair or replace this valve because she is doing so well. She takes good care of herself and sees her cardiologist annually. What should we look for if she starts to need replacement?

Thank you for the advice! I will definitely push to go to Vancouver (sounds like that’s what my cardiologist recommends anyway). You’ve put my mind more at ease – quite a few of the doctors I’ve seen have been very nervous about my condition. Sounds like I’ll be just fine as long as proper procedures are taken and I’m monitored.

Thank younfor answering my question about hartfailure after mustard operation. What is your advice about excirsise and work?

Thank you for your advice.

Thank you for your adive about my 3 month old daughter for anomolous coronary artery

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