Video Q&A about Breast Cancer

Mon, Feb 5, 2018
12:15pm to 12:45pm CT


Dr. Sarah McLaughlin, a breast cancer physician, and Dr. Robert Maxwell, a breast cancer radiologist, discuss and answer questions about breast cancer.

Learn more about:

  • the importance of early detection
  • advances in diagnostic tools and methods
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I am 50 years old, was diagnosed in my teens as being fibro cystic. I have many in both breasts. I now have been told that there are 3 cysts in left breast that are around 3 cm each give or take. My Dr want to do the needle procedure to see if there is fluid in the cysts. How likely is it that the cysts could be cancer or could they become cancer in the future?

I’m 47 and my mother died from Inflammatory breast cancer- I have very dense fibrocystic breasts that cause me pain and the MRI showed marked BPE as a result in both breasts which means the likelihood of breast cancer is 95%—it was mentioned to take tamoxifen to prevent the chance of breast cancer- what are your thoughts? Should I just get checked annually and don’t worry about it right now? Thanks

I am 37, been post menopausal for 3.5 years due to early hysterectomy and they took everything. However, been on biodentical, compound hormones ever since and will be till 50 years old. I have fibrocystic (painful) breasts (sometimes just pain in 1 breast, sometimes just pain in the other and usually on a side and if feels really lumpy, like marbles) and just had a mamo last year that showed a small calcification in one breast, but that was it. Can you tell me what the statistics are for those on hormones longer than 5-10 years are for BC? Should I get a mamo yearly since recently I had a bone density exam and I have bones of a 60 year old? But, because I am post menopausal and on hormones?

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I am a 60 year old, very healthy woman. After a core needle biopsy and lumpectomy I was diagnosed with atypical lobular hyperplasia of the left breast. My surgeon said I could see an oncologist “if I wanted to” which I thought was odd. To be on the safe side I did see an oncologist who said I should take raloxifene for 5 years as my chances of getting breast cancer in the next 5 years is 5%. This also seemed odd as the chance is so low yet the risks and side effects of raloxifene are not good. Neither Dr. suggested 6 month mammograms or nutritional prevention. Is this typical in my case??? Should I seek a second opinion? I’ve always avoided drugs all my life.
Thank you

I am a 53 year old female with large dense breasts. I had a partial masectomy on Jan. 17, 2018 to remove a 2 cm x 5 cm ductal carcinoma. It was determined to be stage 2a, grade 3, estrogen positive, progesterone positive, Her2 negative. Lymph nodes we’re negative. Still waiting on the ONCO results.
I requested a total masectomy due to my dense breast tissue but the surgeon refused. I see the Oncologist on Tuesday and Radiologist on Thursday of this first week in February.
Do you have any recommendations before I have my appointments this week?
Thank you!

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What adjuvant hormonal therapy is recommended for low grade DCIS,ER/PR positive,less than 4 cm with clean margins. Tamoxifen or an Aromitase Inhibitor? I am post-menopausal and have completed lumpectomy and radiation.

I was just diagnosed with TNBC dcis invasive grade 3 stage 1. The lumpectomy I had showed wide margins and no lymph node involvement under arm after dissection. My question is how likely is it the cancer could have gone into other lymph nodes deeper in my chest?

Hi I’m 37. I have stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. They found 1 tumor left breast that is 3.2×3.6 and another that is in the mammory node exactly 1 cm. No axillary lymph node involvement or activity in the right breast. Do you practice the removal of the tumors in the mammory nodes with robotic assisted surgery? Is it possible to have both of these tumors removed without doing chemotherapy? I have underlying medical conditions such as anemia which no drug or infusion has resolved and possible pulmonary hypertension that I feel make chemotherapy too risky. The tumors have not grown in the last 3 months because of natural changes I made to diet and supplementation. I need to know the best route to go for removal or shrinking them. I’ve also considered cannibus oil as a part of my regimine.

HI -my case if different from yours in that I had double positive results with a lumpectomy, and 2 lymph nodes were positive. I had chemo and radiation and am taking hormone blocking exemastane ( and Porlia injections to stave off bone thinning). I’m interested to know what diet changes you’ve made and also what supplements you’re taking. I have been taking “greens” powdered supplements – also drank a LOT of carrot juice for about 6 months after the surgery, til I couldn’t look at another carrot. Hope all goes well for you.

I am a very healthy 74year old female and have been on Letrozole for nearly 3 yrs. with ZERO side effects.
I realize resistance to treatment with Letrozole(all AI) eventually occurs in a large number of patients. How do you
know if it’s working ?? I have been unable to find a satisfactory answer other than recurrence.

I am 64 year old female. I had bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction in 2003. I have saline implants. Recent information about encapsulation and implants degrading has become a concern. What can be done to check for problems? How concerning should this be?

Breast cancer dx in Jan 2017: had lumpectomy, 6 wks radiation now on tamoxifen, due for first mammo since my battle started, will be 53 this year. Oh and by the way, i have had MS since 1990s! Still standing, still walking..staying positive!!

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