#MayoClinicNeuroChat on Innovations in Neurovascular, Brain Hemorrhage, & Ischemic Stroke

Fri, Nov 3, 2017
3:00pm to 3:30pm CT


Dr. Bernard Bendok and Mayo Clinic neuroscience experts talk about innovations in neurovascular, brain hemorrhage, and ischemic stroke. This broadcast is live from the Mayo Clinic Advances and Innovations in Complex Neuroscience Patient Care: Brain and Spine conference in Sedona, Arizona.



I want to know if anything with your brain will have continue balance even if the doctor says you have no active brain encephalitis. And l had viral encephalitis then l was told elated l.had autoimmune encephalitis. Also with hyperammonia can it fluctuate and sometimes all your test are normal?


Does anyone else have recurring TIA’s (20 to 30 per week) which doctors do not find a cause for? Have had 3 brain MRIs, artery scans, EEG, and many more tests. TIA’s involve loss of use of hand/arm, leg and face/speech on one side for up to 10 minutes, then all back to normal. Eyesight and cognition not affected.


My name is Mary Fields. I had an ischemic lacunar stroke 11 months after I retired from 30 years in the United States Air Force. I live close to Austin if anybody knows of a miracle worker in the area. If not in the area, we (my husband) and I can travel. I wish you each a fruitful life. If there are any questions I can answer (all I have are my experiences) feel free to email me. Mary


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