Webinar: Adult Brain Tumors: From Diagnosis to Recovery

Thu, Aug 13, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


In this  webinar, Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon Ian Parney, M.D., PhD, and neurologist Alyx Porter, M.D., discuss the diagnosis, management, treatment and recovery associated with adult brain tumors. Topics include: management and treatment options, such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and clinical trials, as well as recovery and quality of life.  A question and answer session followed the presentation.

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I don’t have anything to play? Am just getting page can’t be displayed.

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Please refresh your browser and click play again. This should work. Are you in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer?

I have question..
what the best treatment to pent tuner

Do I post here if I have a question?


Do I post here if I have a question?

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Correct, I can then share with our physicians.

I have question
please what is the best trtreatment of pent tumer


I have question
please what is the best trtreatment of pent tumer

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Dear Anonymous – The physicians will do a Q/A portion towards the end of the presentation. Thank you.

I have a clivus bone tumor; I had a biopsy done and it came back fibro-osseous. I am having symptoms but they are going to monitor. It is 5.1×3.7×3.4 cm and in the occipital bone. Is this standard for this type of tumor?

My husband has had “seeding” of a tumor in the ventricle..for the past 26 years. He recently had a surgical biopsy and the path. report showed Grade 2 Astrocytoma, but the neurologist thinks the path report was not correct and he thinks it’s an Ependymoma. My husband is 68 years old now and never had radiation or chemo..only surgery to stop seizures in the left temporal lobe. What is the prognosis for an Ependymoma..about 3cm. Thankyou.

I have a question.. I am Post-sreast & thyroid cancer surgeries , oovarectomy and chemo, biologic & radiation treatment- currently on oral therapies; also cervical bone fusions…. Now brain cyst??? (so I am told by MRI) next to pineal gland… 1.5 years now of debilitating/excruciating headaches, dizzy, bad daily GI symptoms: nausea, diarrhea; decreased cognition, weakness/numbness/falls – given oral headache meds and steroid and other injections,,,, Question what to do???

Where can I find a list of clinical trails at Mayo after just having had brain surgery?

please talk about recurrence of a brainstem glioma after doing the STUPP protical

Dr. Parney, you have been doing some pioneering work in oncolytic virotherapy with the Measles virus. Would your recommendation for oncolytic virotherapy be based on the genetic makeup of the tumor? What virus would be most effective in what circumstances — Measles virus, New Castle Disease virus?

I have a small meningitis wrapped around the super sagittal sinus. It continues to grow slowly.I am being told it is too risky for surgery because of area. I was also told radiation is not recommended. Can mayo clinic help me?

Thank you

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