Video Q&A about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy & Surgical Treatment Apical Myectomy

Wed, Nov 2, 2016
1:00pm to 2:00pm ET


In this Video Q&A on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and surgical treatment with apical myectomy Steve R. Ommen, M.D., consultant in cardiovascular diseases, and Hartzell V. Schaff, M.D., consultant in cardiac surgery, discuss the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy including the surgical treatment of apical myectomy.  A live question and answer session followed the presentation.

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Stacy – Dr. Ommen said earlier that every 12 – 18 months is the recommendation through adulthood.

To elaborate – It is every 12 – 18 months from adolescence through adulthood.

I had this surgery 5 years ago there at Mayo. I have been fighting pneumonia for the past 2 years. Is there any connection between these two? I have had pneumonia 3 times this year and currently fighting it again. I did get the pneumonia shot one year after surgery.

I would like to talk to someone about this surgery. I would like to be evaluated for this ASAP. How do I contact these Doctors and start the process?

What a precious opportunity to hear both Drs. Schaff and Ommen who treated me for HOCM in July 2014, including a septal myectomy. I have recovered spendidly. Question: regarding any type of HCM, do you see differences in diagnoses and/or treatments by gender?


I would like to talk to someone about this surgery. I would like to be evaluated for this ASAP. How do I contact these Doctors and start the process?

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Hi DHowell, You can call Mayo Clinic to get the process started. The contact information can be found on this page

What type examination should my adult children have if I have HCM and they don’t exhibit symptoms.

How is it determined if thick septum should be treated by surgery or alcohol.

I just had a defibrillator/pacemaker implanted for this problem. I have extreme disability symptoms and intolerance to medications that control this. I also have a significant loss of blood pumping ability. I would like to talk to someone about my fit as a candidate for this surgery.

I am a 60 yr old non-obstructive Apical HCM diagnosed 3 yrs ago, my symptoms have abated (dizziness, shortness of breath). I take no meds, diagnosis confirmed at Emory HCM COE. I have 3 adult children, and toddler grandchildren. I have not had any genetic testing. What screening should my children have, how often? I have an echo every other year

I have apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and paroxysmal afib. Would having an apical myectomy help future afib problems?

Can you talk about heart failure and HCM.I had a septal myectomy 9 years ago and recently concentric remodeling has shown up on my echos. Is this a progression of the disease towards heart faliure?

On December 10, 2015, Dr. Schaff performed:
1. Membranectomy.
2. Septal myectomy.
Final dx was Membranous and tunnel subaortic stenosis. Will this grow back?

I have Apical HCM and I’m wondering how I know if I need to see my Cardiologist about possible Congestive Heart Failure? Cause I’ve had episodes a few times where I’ve woken up feeling like I’m suffocating and had wheezing that sounded like snap crackle pop sounds. And I’m constantly having problems with swelling in my legs lately, sometimes my fingers swell and I think I have facial swelling as well. Should I contact my Cardiac Specialist from the Mayo Clinic?

Dr. Schaff performed my myectomy 4 years ago. Very grateful! Question is: my septum grew back, but into the right side. 22mm prior to surgery, 29mm now. Have you seen this before? Now in burn out and bring reffered to transplant now.

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