Video Q&A about Amyloidosis – What Patients Need to Know

Thu, Jun 4, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


In this webinar, cardiologist Martha Grogan, MD, and hematologist Prashant Kapoor, MD, provide an overview of amyloidosis, including tests and evaluations, treatment options and how to manage your symptoms. A question and answer session followed the presentation.


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Excellent webinar!! Do more in the future.
Thanks for responding to my question on the air.

Very well done and informative!! Thank you for giving up your time to share We look forward to more of the same!

Thank you! I found this presentation very helpful. It supports the treatment plan that I am getting at UF Health.

Terrific webinar. Thank you and yes, more of these would be very helpful.

This presentation was very good. However I’d like to view a presentation just on the Wild Type since those who get it and their caretakers are among the older population. For us, it is sometimes difficult to sift through what pertains to us. For instance, my husband has been diagnosed with the wild type but is affected by many, many neuropathies usually connect to the filial type. We could use some more information in this area. Thank you for the excellent presentation today.

I have al cardiac with deletion 17p? How does deletion p17 gene get addressed?

Thank You for the webinar.

At the end of the presentation you mentioned there are possible toxicity issues with long term use of Bortezomib. Could you explain? My concern is that for relapsed AL Amyloidosis post stem cell transplant Bortezomib or Bortezomib/Dex is one of the main chemo therapies patients are placed on indefinitely.

thanks to Drs. Grogan, Kapoor and this weekly and we will be oh so happy…

Thank you doctors and Mayo Clinic Connect. Having visited Feb.,2014, just can’t say enough good about the Mayo Clinic and its’ staff.

Excellent presentation.

Thank you for providing this excellent resource. Hope for more in the very near future.


Not sure who is monitoring comments but an observation, All look good and slides and audio coming through perfectly

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When will the answers to the posted questions not answered during the live presentation be posted and how do we access them?

Where can you go to get some answers? Is there a forum for this disease?

Thanks to all who joined. To anonymous: we have a video specifically for wild-type TTR amyloid and will release that on the Mayo Clinic you tube channel soon.
I notice that in the introduction I may have had a Freudian slip and introduced myself as a hematologist, but really I am a cardiologist!

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