Men’s Health

Awareness and early detection can be a lifesaver. As part of Ovarian Cancer and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, join your family, friends and loved ones to be proactive about protecting each other. Working together to get checked regularly [...]
By Ali Skahan • September 19, 2016
Alright guys, we know erectile dysfunction is far from a favorite topic of discussion, but as Men’s Health Awareness Month continues, it’s important to know that this condition could be a warning sign of other issues like diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Next time you speak to your doctor, [...]
By Ali Skahan • June 22, 2016
In honor of #MensHealthWeek, our own Dr. Asp helped Men’s Fitness identify the top 5 killers of men ages 15-34 and provide suggestions on how to avoid them. Some are obvious but others may shock you! Check out the list By Kelsey Mohring • June 16, 2016
Lots of Dads get a new tie for Father’s Day but in 2010 Clint Frederick received the best gift he could have asked for – a new heart! Read about this story here. This June is also Men’s Health Month, celebrate the men in your life by wearing [...]
By Ali Skahan • June 13, 2016
The summer is often the time for full coolers and popping the top on your favorite beer, but it's always best not to go overboard. Men’s Health shared this quiz to help you see if you might be indulging a bit too much. Dr. Terry Schneekloth, an addiction expert at [...]
By Kelsey Mohring • May 17, 2016
The list of major threats to men’s health is surprisingly short and many of them are preventable! Mayo Clinic suggests a few simple steps to living a longer, healthier life: check your lifestyle (smoking, exercise, diet, stress, etc.), man up and don’t avoid the doctor, drive safely and wear a [...]
By Kelsey Mohring • April 12, 2016
If you’re trying to get pregnant, one of the biggest factors is the sperm quality of dad-to-be. Mayo Clinic has 5 tips to help you learn what to do and what to avoid in order to increase your chances of pregnancy.
By Tameka Davis • March 14, 2016
Birth control for men? Scientists have identified two drugs that may have a future as a birth control pill for men.
By SMHNadmin • October 1, 2015