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Been doing ok. My nights are good (due to klonopin), appetite is great, any weight after...

opinion, I feel using a low dose of a benzo is far safer than the side effects

Kelly I need some serious help....on 10/3/2013 my 17 year old son found me in my...

methadone oxycodone thc but positive for benzo did the narcon they administered have

I also have dealt with Anxiety most of my life. My doctor put me on Lorazapam....

Apparently when trying to get off Benzos You go through things that you took

I fill my vaporizer twice a night which is about 1/4 gram. The total daily dose...

a lot of research online. Once the benzos have stopped working, they do more

I was originally prescribed klonopin in March 2016 for a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder -...

different manufacturer/a different benzo (Valium) to taper. Thanks for listening

*Personal opinion/experience disclaimer* -- Results may very I always view "studies" as not giving up until...

not mean its a dependency. Trust me, benzos are obviously a dependency. CBD is ... without the hellish qualities of a benzo. I went into CBD with an open mind

Hi @lisalucier I have a question. I have been on Clonazepam for 10 years 3 mg...

the past, I had been tried on other Benzos, but they were either too strong or ... I feel that tapering totally off Benzos is kind of mean for doctors to do,

Lost my ability to sleep and other serious issues

than 1-2 hours per night even with a benzo. The past week I haven’t slept at all

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