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Reply on Myocardial Bridging

Welcome to Connect, @wyveda. You may notice that I moved your message to this discussion where several members are talking about myocardial bridging (MB), and I'd like to connect you with them. Simply click VIEW & REPLY in your email notification to find your post. I’d [...]


Reply on Spinal Stimulator effect on the heart

Hello @revclint, here are a few studies from the NIH - they may offer some information although they may not be precisely your situation: - - I'd also like to invite @user_chf56161a, @seanivor, @laylabug, @barbbie, and [...]


Reply on Statins and peripheral neuropathy

Hi, @helennicola - sounds like you've been doing some reading and research on lion's mane mushroom. Thought it might be helpful for other members if you have links to any studies you've read and found informative about this mushroom you might post? One study I noted in [...]