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Reply on CIDP (chronic inflammatory demylinating polyneuropathy)

@jtbt0406 Hello, welcome to Connect. You can find any discussions in which CIDP is mentioned by putting CIDP into the search window above (little magnifying glass). My own understanding of CIDP is minimal. I have read that it affects (damages) the myelin sheath of peripheral nerves, similar [...]


Reply on My mom's liver has stopped functioning. Is a transplant possible?

@john1492, Welcome to Mayo Connect. I am happy that you have joined this discussion to support one of our members. From my own experience that is the most wonderful reward of participating in the Mayo Connect discussions - to be able to use our own experience to [...]


Reply on Weaning off Metoprolol

@mdm123 Hi, I am on metoprolol 25mg twice a day for PVCs, some PACs and HBP...I get PVCs quite a episode started Sep 10th and it depends on the day or night....random....but, BP definitely can be affected by stress, anything that gets you nervous or [...]