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Jun 12, 2017

What can I do to get the best results from an endoscopic weight loss procedure?

By Jessie Fenske, @fenske.jessica

Wellness CoachEndoscopic weight loss procedures can be incredibly helpful in assisting with a patient's weight loss journey. However, our research and experience at Mayo Clinic has shown that in order to see the long-term benefits of these interventions, it is incredibly important that patients are also committed to a healthier lifestyle. This includes ensuring you are eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and managing your stress.

Making these change can be difficult, especially for individuals who have long struggled with their weight. That is why the support of dieticians, wellness coaches, psychologists, endocrinologists and others can be incredibly helpful following a weight loss procedures. These experts can help patients make the changes needed to ensure long-term success.

Because we know how important it is for patients to have these resources, our Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program at Mayo Clinic actually incorporates this team into every patient's experience. Each patient who receives an endoscopic weight loss procedure also:

  • Has a wellness coach available for a full year
  • Meets with endocrinologists and psychologists in addition to the gastroenterologists performing their procedure and psychologists
  • Spends two full days at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program for interactive learning sessions and individual meetings with their wellness coach and dietician

We are the first in the nation to combine the procedures and wellness support into one program. We are monitoring patient results closely and hope that this is a break-through in how patients who opt to have weight loss procedures are supported to ensure their success.

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