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The Mindfulness and Health Blog is a space to share science, ideas and practical experiences about how the practice of mindfulness relates to health (personal balance). The blog content is meant to be simple so it can be applied in real life – right here, right now. The blog is not intended to create back and forth responses, nor to give specific “right” answers, but rather to create conditions for people to practice and experience hands-on if what we offer works to improve their health.


Roberto Benzo MD MSc.

Benzo, Roberto P., M.D.

I am a practicing pulmonologist and clinical researcher. My passion is in Behavioral Rehabilitation, using coaching, lifestyle changes, mindful communication, and meditation to improve well-being.

Because of my personal practice of meditation and my work at the Mayo Clinic Wellness Center, I developed a strong interest in promoting mindfulness in chronic disease.

My research promotes the idea that any change needs to be found meaningful by the user to make an impact and become a habit.

I learned the most by listening, to patients and other colleagues. I realized, regarding what is really most important about being a provider, is that patients really value if we care for them - not how much knowledge we have. The “care” is what makes a difference and helps the patients to implement changes.

My research funded by the National Institutes of Health has allowed me to generate and publish science on the very core of this blog - Mindfulness and Health.

I am an active triathlete. I love outdoors and meditation, and especially enjoy the support that my family and friends provide me all the time.


Paige Anderson

Paige AndersonMy personal journey with mindfulness has been transformative, growing to touch every aspect of my life. It is with this mindset that I approach my work as a Clinical Research Assistant in the Mindful Breathing Laboratory and as the Editor of the Mindful Breathing Lab Blog.

I was first exposed to mindfulness while working as an undergraduate research assistant at Arizona State University, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in Sociology. My interest was again peaked after attending the International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, where I first became aware of how intimately basic and applied science can intertwine with contemplative traditions. After graduating, I began collaborating with Dr. Roberto Benzo. It is from this collaboration that this blog has blossomed.

Through my personal yoga and meditative practices I continually reestablish the importance of knowing one’s inner self and of being immersed in the moment. It is from this frame of mind that I practice as a certified EMT. I aim to incorporate my varied health care experience, my research interests, and my passion for mindful living practices into my future career as a Physician’s Assistant.


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