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Wed, Feb 20 8:00am

Online Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

By Tiffany Rindels, @tiffanyrindels

online buying

Don't get tricked into bogus erectile dysfunction treatments.  Roughly 50 percent of men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point, but zero percent of men want to talk about erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Tobias Kohler, a Mayo Clinic sexual health expert, says there are excellent treatments available, but too often he sees patients waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on so-called natural remedies or “magical” cures that do absolutely nothing to help the problem.

A few unproven treatments Dr. Kohler frequently gets asked about:

  • shockwave therapy
  • platelet rich plasma therapy
  • stem cell therapy

Instead, he says just talk to your health care provider who can give you a scientifically proven treatment that may even be covered by insurance and who can also help treat whatever may be causing erectile dysfunction.



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hi, I am a candidate for bladder/prostate and bowel removal. somewhat concerned on how this will impact sex life. yes, at my age, I have a sex life. Have used viagara and cialis before and not had any luck. do take penile injections now that work wonderful. blood flow to penis shouldn't be impacted and don't ejaculate when orgasm now. doctor says not and issue, right, he isn't having the surgery and injections should still work. Is that true?


Greetings hodagwi,
The number one predictor of working erections after surgery is how well they work before. No penis improves after deep pelvic surgery (deep pelvic surgery includes prostate removal or bladder removal). Although I can't say for sure, I would be skeptical that injections would continue to work after your proposed surgery – especially in the first year after the procedure. However, a penile prosthesis can be inserted anytime after your other surgery and remains an excellent option with very high satisfaction rates (95% or so).


Dr Kohler, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

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