Mayo Clinic Champions

Mayo Clinic Champions share their knowledge and experience to help other patients make the best choices for their care. Champions are committed to making a difference in the lives of others facing complex health issues and always advocate for patients.


Empower others with your story


Paige Douglas of Florida advocates for patients and shares her story.

We love our Mayo Clinic Champions. You inspire hope for those looking for answers. This self-directed training will help prepare you to:

  • Share your Mayo Clinic story: Scan tips on how to amplify your unique story. Reach out to those who are looking for answers.
  • Better understand Mayo Clinic offerings: Did you know Mayo Clinic has proton beam facilities or is discovering regenerative therapies for hypoplastic left heart syndrome? Learn more about how Mayo cares for others.
  • Help those looking for answers find Mayo Clinic: How can they make an appointment? Do they need a referral? Help answer FAQs about Mayo Clinic.

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